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Hi there,I own The Sari Collective (www.thesaricollective.co.nz).I have a Facebook page and instagram, and I am struggling turning sales; in fact, I’ve had none. I know my SM posts aren’t quite up to scratch, but I’ve run out of ideas of what I should and shouldn’t post. I know I should be curating a brand, but I don’t know how. It would be good to get some help around this, and to turn supporters and visitors to the website into consumers. Any help will be appreciated!

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      Hi there. Got a chance to see your website. It’s laid out quite well . Looks like mostly your business is about Indian dresses for rent. My opening question would really be about how big do you think that market really is and what’s the core problem that is being solved for TG? The social media and content strategy would really follow from there. Your insights on this would help unbox this further. Meanwhile, do share your IG links too please. Cheers

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      I fear that you have not fully understood how rental and fashion businesses work. And so I have some research suggestions.

      By studying rental businesses you can work out their business model (where are their costs and where do their revenues come from). Go to Kennards Hire and work out how they get customers to return regularly. What triggers a purchase? How do rental businesses acquire customers and how do they keep customers coming back?

      I think you can learn a lot by following and researching other clothing / fashion rental businesses.
      here are several for you to study.
      Try to answer these questions

    • who is their customer?
    • Where (else) does that customer go online?
    • On the website home page what do they want you to do?
    • What marketing tactics are they using? [join their newsletter and follow them to find out more]
    • https://www.bagborroworsteal.com/

      Then you have a couple of things to work out
      1 – What is your business model – one off rentals or a subscription? or both
      2 – Why do people rent and not buy fashion? [motivation and brand positioning]
      3 – Where else do these people shop or hang out online? [complementary brands]

      Because as @Vishalchaddha says above, you need to know the market size first. Then you can find out how best to serve them (this affects pricing and whether subscriptions could be a good way to go), and lastly are your audience already used to renting fashion or not and if not, you have to start with education. Because they’ve never tried renting, they may not be considering it as an option when looking for a new sari.

      When looking at the Cocoon site above, I found that they are doing referral, affiliate marketing in order to get new prospects. I found this from the link I clicked on = the UTM code which shows that it was from the Sheer Luxe Newsletter in September. This information gives you clues about their marketing strategy and tactics for new customer acquisition. Could you do this too?

      In New Zealand the place to find sites who will share affiliate links is Slice Digital

      Best wishes
      Rebecca Caroe

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    Hi there,

    Some advice I would offer in terms of your social media is to:

    – Identify your target audience (what are their interests, do they want rental dresses & how can you maximise your business based on their consumer behaviour)

    – When it comes to posting social media content there are a few things to consider. The first is aesthetic eg. colours, branding and message. Your social media should be based on these key elements to not only attract the customer but to also remain consistent with your message and gain a community invested in your service. The second thing to consider is content pillars. This means, having 3-5 key elements that you are consistently posting about. For example, with your business, it may be relevant to post about the dresses you have for rent, clients wearing them and maybe celebrities or popular figures wearing similar if not the same fashion inspiration.

    I suggest looking at similar NZ businesses such as the borrowed collective, designer boutique, lend the trend, renting with sb – these are all Instagram accounts with a successful following and a clear idea of their target audience and consistent brand messaging. Although your brand is niche, take time to see how you can apply their ideas to your business.

    I hope this advice is helpful.

    Best Wishes,

    Dimple Digital Team.

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