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Hi there,I’m an electronic music DJ and producer releasing my debut EP this Friday. I would love to know more about promoting the release and how to go about raising awareness among listeners.If you have any advice that would be great thank you. 

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  • Evening, Congratulations. There are many ways and no rules but the likelihood, Is that it all takes time, consistency, a few cool breaks (with media/radio) and building your profile.
    If you have a strong social media audience – Insta/twitter/snapchat/facebook etc – these are obviously good places to build with your loyal fans and community. They are likely to share and engage which gets a wider audience. See how far you can get this to go, then give each a boost with paid advertising from here on all platforms, you can even post into your story in this form. Go into Canva to help create content, keep it consistent and build a ‘visual’ cue on your music and you.

    Influencers and Radio, reviewers – any contacts, anyone you know is on the same page – contact them and introduce yourself, could you send something in the old fashioned mail, make more of an impact. But arm them with some content that they could put on air, or share. Make sure you do this professionally with an overview on yourself and good imagery.

    Have you set yourself up a website – go to Squarespace or wix and do something very simple, it will just make it easier to drive people to one place to hear or find out more.
    enter awards, competitions – good ways to get profile, news or make a name.
    Hope this is a good start. and good luck.

    How about inventing your own pathway?

    I remember seeing Bic Runga and Anika Moa busking outside Christchurch Cathedral before they became anybody.


    Hi Anna

    Thank you so much for the feedback. Some of the above tips you mentioned I have done so far and I hope to grow my audience more!

    Thank you

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