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Hi therethe wage subsidy I have received for my employees doesn’t seem to be enough if it is one off payment for 12 weeks… I have 3 employees that are full time and 8 that are part time.Who do I contact to check if I have received the correct amount. Regards Wendy

Question submitted 13/04/20 @ 07:35pm
Industry: COVID-19 Funding & Support
  • Hi Wendy, you are correct that the payment should be a lump sum payment for 12 weeks. You should have received an email (as well as text) confirming the payment and this will also provide details on how you can get the outcome of your application reviewed. It may be that some of the employee details in your application didn’t match those held by the IRD in which case you will have the opportunity to get them reconciled and you can then re-apply. All the best.

    Hi Wendy, you can also all 0800 40 80 40 for enquiries if you have not already. Just be prepared to sit on hold for a while and also that the person who answers might not be able to help directly, but in my experience, they are often willing to email someone else who can. Good luck!

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