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Hi We are a supplier of essential services to supermarket supplying bin liners to countdown and FS. Our reps cannot go into the supermarket and now we have to rely totally on phone calling. How can we increase our business. How do we structure ourselves. Our website is www.ecobags.co.nzCheers 

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    As someone who uses your bags I am intrigued to figure out how to help especially as I was looking for them yesterday at our local Countdown. This isn’t technically my area of expertise but see below for some ideas.

    Are your reps responsible for checking on inventory by store and then replacing them as needed?

    My ideas:

    1) Double check you cannot enter the store – as an essential services provider I would think you could still provide services. I have a friend who fixes ATM’s and self-checkouts and they are still entering supermarkets.

    2) Is your contract by store or with Countdown head office? Weekly sales data by product I would assume is a knowable data point. Could you get data by store and drop off replenishment bin liners by store and then charge?

    3) Can you outsource the calling function or at least centralize it on your team at night to get data, pack up orders by store, and then have reps deliver? You may need less reps on the road if you have the data needed already for delivery and so could keep the same hc just redeployed into different roles.

    4) This may be an interesting opportunity to think about starting an eco friendly website or participating in one that collects together multiple products (keep cups, etc).

    Hope something in the above is helpful.


    I see that you are on Facebook and Instagram, seemingly to target the end-user to want to buy your product online or in-store (we have these at home by the way, great product!). I also see you are running Facebook ads but there are no ads live on LinkedIn.

    Have you considered using LinkedIn ads to target certain content to specific job roles within the supermarkets? Not sure if this could help and I probably need some more context on your goals within supermarkets i.e. do you want to get them calling you rather than you having to call them (and is this goal even possible). Please let me know and I can elaborate further if required.


    Love these bags – congrats on such a great product. Some great answers above as well.
    I would suggest the outbound calling could possible be handled by someone else especially if this is just a ‘re-stock’ conversation.
    Rubbish is a huge thing at the moment with people being at home more and generating more waste so I hundred percent agree that there is huge need right now for your products. Have you thought about direct delivery?
    The other option would be to look at stores/online that you don’t currently sell through and our outside your current remit. A lot of retail fronts are looking to obtain increased essential products right now so they can ‘sell more’. Places like The Warehouse and others like Mitre 10 would no doubt love to chat (if not already) so they can increase the number of essential products they are selling. Maybe look at getting the phone calls to stores for re-stocking done outside your own business and then use the rep resource as BD resources around the country to tap into new distribution channels – this would enable the business to grow long-term as well.


    Hi there,
    The general consensus is that corporates are going to have a lot more of a focus on corporate social responsibility and your products are dead centre to that in terms of sustainability.
    The previous posts note a lot of great points.
    For me I guess the question is how you can help other products in terms of being a marketing based value add. Without view of your customer base have you considered relationships with:
    *A supermarket distributor e.g. Twin Agencies
    *Niche supermarkets e.g. Farro
    *Food delivery businesses as a add on e.g. promotion give away
    *Essential goods providers e.g. Noels L etc as an add on to the large goods they are selling
    *Businesses that are working with the islands a lot as NZ is a significant exporter there (noting NZTE can support this)
    There are others that come to mind but further context would be needed


    Switching your sales team from face to face (F2F) to phone based takes a shift in mindset and focus. It’s critical that you reset the structures and framework for managing a team who are going to spend a lot more time on zoom or the phones. This relies on: defining the new strategy and tactics, setting expectations and metrics, designing and implementing new sales tools, setting the team up for success, coaching and mentoring. There’s plenty of books on inside selling, which would be a good place to start in terms of pivoting your sales focus.


    Hi Jas,
    My family uses your products and we love them.
    I have been right through your website.
    I build ecommerce websites so may be able to help with some thoughts on that front.

    1. Do you have a B2B portal for your B2B customers to easily re-order from ? This needs to be a completely different interface than that of the consumer site.

    2. I see your consumer site does not have the ability for repeat delivery aka subsscription – have you thought of adding this on ? I can say from experience with one NZs pet retailers that this is a significant source of recurring, easy to manage revenue.

    I have some other thoughts on your site if you are interested

    Best Wishes,

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