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Hi – we are a tiny NZ SME supplying Countdown and we haven’t had an order since the COVID struck. We urgency need the cashflow and for the stock not to age too much, because then they won’t accept it. The buyer is trying but no luck. How do we can a vital re-suppply order?

Question submitted 16/04/20 @ 10:32am
Industry: Retailing
  • Hi there,
    Are you able to give a little more information?
    Why do you think they aren’t they re-ordering?
    Are you only ranged in certain stores?
    Is your product regarded as non-essential?
    Do you have a major nationally branded competitor that is getting to supply?
    You mention the “age of the product” is your item shelf-stable or perishable?
    Are you exclusive to Countdown?

    Depending on their reasons there could be some tactics you could use to get them engaged. Unfortunately, if it is a non-essential product the business will be focused on core needs but what you can position for is what happens once we move from Alert level 4 downwards.

    Once I have some more information, happy to help here or contact me online at juanita@retailx.co.nz

    Hi Jem,

    As above, we need a bit of further information as to what your product is.
    I understand Countdown is still placing orders for almost everything in store, so you should be receiving orders. Do you know what your stock levels are like in-stores or if you are OOS?
    Do you have a merchandiser who looks after your product?


    More detail please as I may have a solution for you.

    Hi Jem. To reinforce the comments above, this is a situation where perseverance will definitely pay off. Countdown are, of course, unusually busy and because you are a small supplier, you might have been overlooked in the rush. So you just have to make sure you get noticed. I see that James Woodbridge has suggested he might have a specific solution. Follow up with him and if needs be, let me know your details, too and I would certainly be happy to help.

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