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Hi! We are beginning to sell more and more of our handmade jewellery overseas. Being jewellery we must apparently send it via international courier which is expensive at $57+ to germany, US etc. We currently use our local NZ post shop but this is proving to be a bit of a rigmarole and seems expensive. Is there a better option? Dhl perhaps? Or via a company like Interparcel? I’d like to be able to book and pay online, print any documents needed off myself, and have them pickup the parcel from my door. It looks like Dhl does all of these things but are there better options available in NZ these days? My internet research thus far has confused me further so any help would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks in advance! Marisa: www.offtrackarts.nz 

Question submitted 01/09/20 @ 01:48pm
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  • Oh yea…we’re also keen to use the eco packaging we’ve already invested in. At the post shop it’s cheaper to put my r3pack into a plastic courier bag which is just silly…ta!

    Hi Marisa, if you are not already, I suggest you contact NZTE who have a freight team – email to exporthelp@nzte.govt.nz and they will put you in touch. David

    Great, will do that, thanks David 🙂

    Hi Marisa – good one, please if you would not mind feeding back what you find out from NZTE that would be awesome to share with the rest of the community here if you get a good solution to your challenges – good luck! Love the art, Andy

    Hi Marissa, your products look beautiful. Living in the most isolated country in the world has its benefits, but as you have found there is a downside, super expensive to ship anything anywhere. There aren’t too many cheaper solutions for courier. I would suggest hooking up with an international courier so you can negotiate, NZ Post always seems expensive at the PostShop. Also, GoSweetSpot can sometimes have better international pricing, check them to compare as they bulk buy. I would also suggest you laser target your international markets. If you are finding you are selling most of your stuff into the US for example get a small amount of stock up there into a 3PL warehouse. That may be impossible for one-offs but there is such a sales advantage to next day delivery, it can often help to close a sale.

    Thanks for your ideas Alister! You’re right, in the future getting overseas outlets, ideally galleries, would be great and make things easier for sales in those countries. At the mo I just want streamline our delivery systems so I can get back to the making. Will def look into GoSweetSpot and 3pl options too, thanks! 🙂

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