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Hi, we area new startup company selling online ready to eat meals through our website www.good2eat.co.nz.  We are getting a number of views on our website,but we have had very limited amount of sales on our products. Customer feedbackon our meals from those limited sales is really positive and encouraginghowever I would have thought that as this is a market where the industry isgrowing I’m wondering where we are falling short. We do a significant amount ofadvertising on Facebook and Instagram but I’m not sure we are hitting the rightmarket on these platforms which could be part of the reason why we have hadlimited sales? And wondered if you could suggest how we turn website views intosales and how we target our audience in social media advertising to hit theright market?  Thanks so much for yourhelp Nikki

Question submitted 01/07/20 @ 11:10am
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    Hi Nikki, sounds frustrating! You’ve done so many of the right things; chosen a growing segment, investing in marketing activities on dynamic platforms most likely to connect with your customers…but still not getting the outcomes you’re looking for.

    But you are looking at taking further actions which is just the right thing to do.

    It’s worth working through a number of questions to see if we can highlight where the barrier to further success might be.

    First, you say you’ve had good feedback from customers who have bought from you. How are you collecting that feedback and are you getting repeat orders from those customers? Depending on how you are collecting this information and how holistic it is and if you are getting repeat orders (the gold for your kind of business) it might be that there are some aspects of what you do that are hitting the mark, but some aspects that need further development in order to really set you up for success.

    Second, how are you doing your facebook targeting? one idea can be to look at the profile of customers who have ordered and target your advertising to customers who look like them in terms of age location, etc. Second, maybe you need to test your creative approach. A way to do this is to create 2-3 entirely different creative approaches to a single offer. Run them as separate campaigns and then compare which creative approach got the best engagement and follow through to purchase. That will help you understand if creative approach or key messages need to be further optomised.

    Finally I would guess that a barrier to ordering from a company that you haven’t bought from before would be the risk of the meal not being what you expected! How can you get past that barrier to initial purchase and get customers engaged. There are a few possibilities. De- risk via endorsement – can you get current customers to do testimonials about how lovely your meals are? Or de-risk via an offer. ‘First time order offer – love your meal or your money back’ or buy one get the second half price. Something that induces first time customers to engage with you.

    Lots of options for you to consider and optomise to get the outcome you want. Good luck!


    Hi Nikki,

    Great advice above. Here’s a few more thoughts. So I had a good review of the website and your meals look delicious! 

    Quick query for you: what’s your website views to conversion looking like?

    I think there are a few things you might consider doing to help potential customers to sign up.

    1. Consider your customer value proposition (CVP).

    What is it that you offer that’s different to the competition? Consider framing your cvp using the following framework.

    Good2Eat provides (add core service offering) for (add target audience) because (add differentiated reason to choose).

    Here’s a recent example;
    OpenLoop provides smart, hassle-free, access to hundreds of operational EV charging units via a simple and intuitive App
    for EV drivers who are concerned about running out of charge and fed up with multi-mode payment methods
    because no one is offering a networked, frictionless EV charging experience.

    Customer benefits:
    One App.
    Easily find operational EV charging units near you.
    One simple bill.
    Transparent pricing.
    Peace of mind.

    2. Introduce special offers and tempting reasons to sign up.

    There are currently no offers on the site to help convert customers so a simple fix. You could think about offering an introductory offer, e.g subscribe today for 3 months and receive 2 free meals. Order 5 meals for the price of 4. Refer a friend and get a free meal. Just make sure you do the math and that you’re not losing money in doing so, or if these offers are loss leaders that you put a time frame on them.

    3. Don’t make me think. 
Don’t make me think is a great book by Steve Krug on UX but I think this statement is an excellent way to consider your communication and experience approach. Simplify the experience and ensure your offer and benefits are crystal clear.

    So let’s consider how a don’t make me think lens might look. 

    The subscription service is a little buried and I couldn’t view the options without registering. The delicious looking meals on the homepage could be clearly labelled, i.e $14 per meal, serves 1. It may be useful to add the portion sizes and ingredients.

    I’d suggest offers and the process is raised to the homepage, i.e.
    – Order 5 meals for the price of 4.
    – Sign up for at least 3 month subscription and get a free gift.
    – Remember to order by 11.30pm on Monday to get your order for the following week.
    – We deliver on Tue and Fri each week and you don’t need to be home.
    – We’re 100% eco-friendly.
    – We deliver to (insert locations here). As I noticed you don’t delivery to rural locations.
    – It might be worth curating week meal plans for those that need a bit of a leading hand.

    Anyhoo, food for thought (pun intended, insert eye roll here).

    Good luck.



    Thank you so much Vicky and Russ that’s really great advice – I really appreciate you taking the time to come back to me.

    Vicky, just on our feedback received, we sent and email out to our customers towards the end of the week on their orders, asking them their thoughts on the process from ordering their meals right through to the delivery and all have come back really positive and have been repeat orders which is such a fabulous feeling.

    Both of your advice is really valuable to us, and something that I’m really keen to implement and see how we go

    Thanks so much again

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