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Hi, We’ve recently launched Fit-Pak, a NZ business providing exercise workout equipment that can be used anywhere, anytime.  We have already had a number of orders from people in Auckland quarantine facilities. The feedback we have so far;the packs are perfect for use in a small area, i.e. a hotel room and meet daily exercise needs along with giving them something to do while being under such restrictions. We need some guidance on how we can connect/offer these to all quarantine facilities?   The Fit-Pak workout kits include resistance training bands, core sliders, skip rope and glute bands. There is a door anchor included which can be used to secure the resistance bands to a fixed point without causing any damage. In addition, we are also providing free workouts (designed by a fitness professional) on our Instagram and coming soon to our website.  www.fit-pak.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Courtney    

Question submitted 28/08/20 @ 12:54pm
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    Hey Courtney – I am going to assume that you can’t contact the Ministry of Health and ask them to contact all people in isolation, but you never know.

    Lets think about your products and where you could target:
    1) people in isolation – if you can’t approach them via the front Government door, then your options are the hotels themselves (and you give them a clip) or via targeting on social platforms like Facebook – have you thought about attempting some geo-targeting adverts around some of the isolation hotels? Doing the trial will help you work out cost of acquisition, conversion etc. Do you need help to do this and can we try and connect you to a Facebook specialist?

    2) beyond people in isolation, there are clearly a lot of people who are thinking they will not be going to their gyms for a while so targeting people who want to do at home exercise would be a good strategy, which I know you will be thinking about – and your Instagram strategy for free exercise tutorials will help – what more could you do? You need to find the place that others are fishing for equipment, to be there be present so they can ‘choose’ your stuff

    Establishing quality content for people that they value and tune into coupled with going to where the punters are two thoughts for me, but lets see if I can get some more help and insight for you. Andy



    Its a very good concept. Instead of relying on any one, use social media extensively, all formats of social media including Linkedin. If you have the web site then start promoting the same. Create You tube videos on use and demonstration and circulate on social media. If you google it then you can get details of all retirement homes and hotels. It is a painful process but certainly effective with right marketing material.

    But more importantly dont restrict your self only to New Zealand. Currently this problem is for the whole world. The whole world can become your market and there is no ban on cargo movements. With digital marketing you can cover whole of world as market.

    And why only hotels and retirement homes but ordinary consumers will also use this.

    Third is think big always which will help you to expand the vision. Keep a thought at the back of your mind that when covid problem is over specially post vaccine then what happens to your business ? how will you maintain continuity ? ajit

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