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Hi what is the best way to put up a new website please. There are a lot offers out there and how do I sort out the best option for me.

Question submitted 25/05/20 @ 10:30am
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    Morena – you are so right from Wix or Zeald or Swiftly – we partnered with Swiftly – https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/ but what I would say is that your strategy and audience are the most important to think through before you jump into the what and how. Can you think about other sites that are similar in your industry – and look at what they are doing with their web presence? What can you learn from that? Can you just get going with something free and just learn about your market, your engagement and what works and what does not. A website is like a Post Box – no-one knows about it unless they walk past it – so you have to let people know and build content that engages and attracts more users, that ultimately converts into leads and sales. I suppose I would say, once you have clarity on why you need a site and how you are going to use it, plus some observations of others – then just choose the best for you and get on with it – don’t over complicate, go cheap and easy to start with and then get ready to probably change the platform in a year or two when you know your market more. A


    Hi Sappjire
    This is a very diffcult question to answer without knowing more about what you want to achieve with your wedsite.
    There are any number of options out there and some of them will be more applicable for you than others.
    Do you already have a design in mind, do you have the technical skills to maintain your own website, do you want an online store, do you have a physical presence? These are just a few of the questions that will help determine what is the best solution.

    I am happy to discuss further or refer you to others who can help.



    Hi Sappjire, unfortunately this is just a process you just have to go through. As Andy said there are DIY options – WIX, SquareSpace or Shopify. There is the 1000 website option Swiftly. Then are cheaper paid systems like Zeald. And lastly custom built systems using WordPress or Silverstripe. In terms of costs you are stepping up from $0, to $10-20k to 30k+.

    So firstly budget will drive what options you are looking at.

    Next it’s about functionality, ease of use and design. What do you need, is it easy to use and maintain and lastly how can I design something that is going to be competitive and work.

    On functionality and ease of use I would start by looking at all your competitors and seeing what they do. But then decide on the minimum set of features you need to get started and understand what you can upgrade to and add on later.

    After you have decided what platform, then you need to design how it works. This might be the make or break part. Again use competitor sites as inspiration, look at how they work, the sections they have. Think about your customers and what they need. What is the easiest way for them to move through the site, how do you address their questions in that process?

    Then think about the visual design – here you might need to use a specialist to help, how can you make the site look great, on brand, appealing. You might need photography or a writer to polish your copy and make it interesting, compelling.

    Hope that helps.

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