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Hi,I have brand and some natural health products that I am having real troubles getting known. I would like to know the best, most cost effect way of doing this. I am currently exporting a little but would like to increase  my penetration into New Zealand to help sell abroad.We have a great story but I do not seem equipped to portray it.I am happy to sell B2B and B2CHere is  my website lazu.co.nzThankyou in advance

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    This space is very active at the moment, there are a ton of folks looking for new brands and products. Happy to discuss with you, greg@360capital.co.nz. Too much to share to include here.



    Hi Richard, thanks for including your website – it makes it so much easier to give useful advice. Well done on getting the branding, products, claims and website up and going.

    I am assuming you have some sales already, but perhaps they are not meeting your expectations?
    There are a number of paths you can go down to grow your sales from here…
    – consider other channels. Sell your product through supermarkets, pharmacies or other online platforms. To go down that path you would need to be clear to the buyers what your proposition is, sales opportunity and value for them, margin, servicing costs, etc
    – build your sales via your website. There are a few considerations here; first of all the traffic you have coming to the site, and the tools you are using to drive that traffic. SEO, advertising, etc, then what happens when shoppers get to your site.
    Do you have a promotion plan in place? If not then we can dive into the tools and approach you could use there, or talk about how to optomise what you are already doing if you are not getting the results you want.
    If you are getting enough clicks on the site, but not following through to purchase then that is a different challenge to try and solve. Again Manaaki advisors are well placed to assist.

    So tell us more about what you are already doing and results versus expectation and we can tailor the advice to support you.

    All the best, Vicky

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