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Hi,I’ve recently registered a food catering company and seem to be getting a lot of big jobs. But I haven’t created a business bank account yet. If payments are going into my personal account can I still use it as evidence (to say a bank in order to attain a loan or take advantage of incentives to owning a business) my business is succeeding? 

Question submitted 02/09/20 @ 05:31am
Industry: Funding & Finance
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    Hi Nezy – good one, well done for getting the work and starting the business. Hopefully, any bank or organisation that you are pitching too will look through the ‘data’ as long as you can present the Income and Expenditures for the business activities to show what you are doing – ie you just need to take out of the personal related costs/expenses from your spreadsheet or summary of the financial ins and outs. So I would say it is not a block to you achieving a loan, as long as the data/information backs up your case and you can present your case.

    Eventually, the lender will want to know ‘who is loaning the money’ – you or a business you are going to set up, so you just need to work it through.

    One thing, when you say you have ‘registered’ a company – does that mean, you have set up a Company at the Companies Office e.g. you have a Limited Liability company? If you do, all good, then you just need to go through the Bank Account opening process for this company – happy to answer any questions and/or we have a couple bankers as advisors who can assist you with any questions.

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