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How can I access government funds set aside for telemedicine platforms?

Question submitted 27/03/20 @ 05:00pm
Industry: COVID-19 Funding & Support
  • Hey Lovina – at this point, the Government response has been about protecting jobs and health management – https://covid19.govt.nz/help-and-advice/for-businesses-and-organisations/employers/ which is summarised at this link – however I would expect that there are funds in pockets for support and I would expect there are going to be some developments in this space other countries have started dropping money into the startup market e.g. France announced Euro 4b of money – other places from a coaching perspective – https://info.theicehouse.co.nz/covid-19#rbp-support-covid – I will also take a hunt around government pockets to see what is available ..

    Hey Lovina, I also should have said that Callaghan Innovation https://www.callaghaninnovation.govt.nz/ funds r&d projects and they have partners like Tech Incubators and then there are a series of angel groups seed funds and the like – and I should have said above, The Icehouse link is just one example of where you can get coaching support- the regional business partners throughout NZ have access to funding to support coaches – and I have contacted the MBIE team to find out where there are any funding buckets for the telemed projects

    Hi Andy we have a successful Osteopathic Clinic, The has been operating for 18 years in Auckland obviously we want to expand out of just a hands on only clinic clinic clinic. We feel that teli-health and online sales would be a good way to extend the business.
    I would be interested in the funding and support links you mentioned above in this discussion. Thank you for being there we all really appreciate what you’re doing!

    HI Tanah – awesome, I suspect (hope) in the budget coming up there will be a bunch of things around support digital initiatives – but I don’t know and I wonder whether the medical sectors or organisations might have more information on this – I will keep an eye out. Andy

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