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How can I advertise my business apart from Facebook and Instagram? Are these the best channels for my type of business?. The Punnet Project is a subscription based vegetable seedling delivery business. I deliver the right plants for the right month of planting with a helpful how to guide included, some boxes have the tools to help your gardening journey. It’s aimed at beginner gardeners and those that need the motivation to keep their garden growing all year around. thepunnetproject.co.nzCurrently my customers bases is 35 – 65 year old females. 

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    Hi TPP

    I suspect a key channel for your product would be to rank well in Google for the types of things your potential customers might be searching for.

    My wife is getting into gardening and is often searching for things like “When should I plant X” or “What are natural fertilisers for Y”.

    Writing really helpful content is a great way to get in front of potential customers.

    As an example in 2013 we wrote a blog on ‘the importance of a good about us on a website’ and we still get visitors from people searching for this topic and we ranked in top spot for about 6 years (its getting a little old now and dropped off top spot but has served us very well). The people who are searching for this topic are people building a website which is our target market for our website builder service.

    Similarly, people with websites are searching for “can I see who is visiting my website” and we get a lot of traffic to this article: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/77/Noyou-cant-identify-individual-visitors-to-your-websitebut-heres-4-things-you-can-do-instead/

    Google seems to be very clever at identifying quality content so if you have well researched and well referenced content it can rank well.

    On your site you might consider making a transcript of your video on how to build a climbing bean teepee and turn that into a blog post. The blog is purely informational but at the bottom you can have a call to action to sign up to a subscription box. The people searching for this question will be prime candidates to buy the seeds from you.

    The blog posts then become great content for your social media and email newsletter.

    Here’s an a blog on why you should bother with blogs. It was one of the first ones we wrote when we started our content programme in 2013 so the graphics are dated but the content is still very relevant: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/206/Why-you-should-bother-with-blogs/

    I’d also seriously consider some paid advertising with Google Shopping. When I was running an online store we found Google shopping to be our most effective form of advertising to acquire new customers. We sold subscriptions products too at https://www.pureandwholesome.co.nz. Once you have acquired the customer you have the potential for an ongoing relationship so you can afford to spend quite a bit to acquire the customer. Check out more info about Google shopping here: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/63/Making-Google-Shopping-easy-with-Rocketspark/

    Lastly, check out this blog and video on what we’ve learnt are the secrets to ecommerce success from our more successful ecommerce clients: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/254/Ecommerce-secret-saucethe-9-simple-essentials-of-ecommerce-success/

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards



    Kia ora TPP

    One of the best ways I know to extend your marketing dollars is to enter into joint ventures (JV’s) with other businesses. Assuming you are maximising your reach in Facebook and you have in place a system for reselling your own subscribers and reducing churn – the next place you should look to maximise profits is JVs.

    For your business, you would work a deal with other businesses to leverage their customer database, then pay them a portion of each sale. You should look for companies that can reach a similar customer base of 35-65 year old females. Not only do you get access to a list of customers it would take you years to build, you get to “piggyback” on the relationship that JV partner has created with that list.

    Once you have an agreement in place, the business would promote your offer to their database. Make the offer something special for their email list such as subscribe for one month and get one month free, free samples (if the customer pays shipping) or any other bonus you think is valuable. The strategy here is to get new customers so make the offer irresistible. You can afford to break-even on the first month as customers will keep returning month after month.

    If a business endorsed your offer to their email list of say, 20,000 people, and 1% took up the offer for the “plant it box offer”, you will have made 200 new customers and $6,000 revenue. You could offer the entire $6,000 to your JV partner knowing that the following month that $6,000 in revenue will be recurring.

    JVs are easy to set up. They can be as simple as short phone conversation and the signing of a two-page document.

    In regards to the second part of your question, Facebook is the right channel for this type of product. A large segment of your target audience – at least 60% – will not be searching Google for “seedlings”, but they would be interested should the offer be presented to them via their Facebook feed.

    You should consider a combination of both Facebook and Google Search so as to cover the full customer journey from brand awareness to completing a transaction.

    I’d be interested to hear more about your Facebook strategy. I can see your posting to your Facebook business page but you are not running ads.


    Thanks so much for this very informative response. Amazing! I’ll work my way through your list of suggestions. I really appreciate the time you spent on this. Keren

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