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How can I best start a singing bowl and wellness retreat business? I am a reiki master(teaching reiki courses and providing healing session), singing bowl sound healing teacher (courses + healing session), breathwork teacher and retreat host (more immediate and recent income) with my yoga teacher partner. I have an English Degree and am multi lingual (English, Chinese, Cantonese, Swedish and a little French, German and Spanish). My working partner and I have also decided to create and publish an oracle deck together. It would be nice if some advice on how we could start making more income by attracting more people and getting more known by the locals can be given to us. Kindly let us know if you would require more information. I have 2 instagram that has got almost 1000 folowers (spiritual) and the other around 3000 (vegan) if they are helpful in anything at all. 

Question submitted 08/09/20 @ 06:56pm
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    Firstly congratulations on your vision. Among other things, I’m a yoga teacher in the wellbeing space and I’m not aware of anyone specialising in singing crystal bowls. I own one of these and understand their healing power – incredible! My advice is to firstly do a review of the competitive landscape – who else is in the retreat space, and what is your unique competitive advantage? Review your Instagram engagement to see which posts/information/inspiration you share is the most appealing. Use competitor and community insights to get clear on your positioning. This is foundational – and a marketing Manaaki advisor will be able to help further from here in terms of creating a business marketing strategy. Good luck!


    Your business idea sounds wonderful. I agree with Tui. You have a customer base already. If you have not already done this you could design a ‘free thing’ (called a lead magnet), to offer your Instagram followers in both camps. In exchange for your valuable content that steps potential customers through a sequence of steps, you collect their emails and start building your database.

    Having an ideas generation session to dream up all the ways you could serve people will help the gems pop out. There are many structured activities that can help with this stage. it’s about asking yourself and your business partner the right questions that will make your direction clear. At the same time you could survey your followers and find out what their most pressing needs are that you can help with. Write a full description of your ideal customer – focus on one person and describe them in detail. You may need a web site down the track and that is getting easier and easier to set up with very little cost. Not sure if you are seeking to attract more people to face to face retreats or online sessions with you but either way, making an offer (even with a few sponsored social media targeted ads) and building your email list are good places to start. If you don’t already have a database management system, Mail Chimp is one that has good basic functionality for free to begin with. Starting/building a small niche business takes a whole lot of heart and perseverance. Follow your deepest sense of what seems right and go that way. Wishing you all the best.

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