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How can I boost engagement quickly on a website that seeks to bring joy to kiwis in isolation?

Question submitted 28/03/20 @ 01:23pm
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  • For some more context: in this incredibly testing time, I wanted to instead spread a bit of joy each day. To be a mate while we isolate. That’s why I created the website Isomate – your mate while you isolate. You can find this at https://isomate.org. I have created Isomate pages on both Facebook and Instagram to grow my audience. I’d love some additional guidance on how to further enhance my engagement and reach to kiwis in need of a mate through this isolating time.

    Hi Alexia, great idea!

    Give the high numbers of Kiwis currently spending lots of time on social media, that feels like the place you should be telling them about this. Of course it depends on who this is intended for, but you can look for relevant existing groups to go and visit, to share this with their members (e.g. https://www.facebook.com/groups/192497612170843/) as well as placing paid ads on there if you have budget to do so.

    As you’ll have noticed, all NZ media outlets are pretty running nothing but C-19 related stories right now. SO why don’t you put together a press release/media pitch (or get someone to for you) and then see if you can get anyone from Stuff, Herald, RNZ, TVNZ, Mediaworks etc. to carry this story in a relevant section of their channels? An appearance on the breakfast show or in the newsfeed of a major website could be just the spike of interest you need!

    Hi Alexia,

    That’s awesome. I gathered a bunch of people by posting on LinkedIn this week, asking accountants if they wanted to check-in – so you could perhaps try LinkedIn in addition. Ask a wide variety of people to share for you – the more that pick up your message and share, the more it will reach.

    I’m not a marketing expert, but can start by sharing https://isomate.org/for you across my channels. It’s so helpful for NZ’ers to connect and encourage each other.

    The obvious answer is through:

    The simple answer is:
    1. Organic by driving plenty of content around your site onto Social Media and other platforms (Medium) etc. Meet people through content, drive them to the site.

    2. Earned: Get your content and ideas out there into other folks sites and media.

    3. Paid: Test light paid in highly targeted (zip code, geo, etc) on Google, Facebook, etc. Also think about key words you can use to drive 1 and 2 – SEM Rush is a great tool.

    The real magic is in making your content viral in nature. Get people sharing and contributing.

    Heaps more but do those four and you will do well.

    Do you have any particular target audience?
    Loneliness is one of the biggest social problems of out times and there’s lots of literature about this that might help you form insights. It’s generally clustered into specific groups –
    Singles, older people, rural areas. This might give you some angles for targeted communications for digital display advertising and/or social media
    Well done for taking-on this important initiative – I hope it takes off!

    Hi Ben, Sue, Andy, and Clare – thank you all so much for your support and constructive insights! These are all incredibly helpful.

    Sue – I would really appreciate you sharing Isomate across your channels. As you so wonderfully put it, the wider the variety of those who share means the more that it will reach. There are many kiwis out there in need of a smile and a mate in this time, so your contribution truly helps.

    I’ll keep pushing Isomate through all suggested channels and methods. Again, thank you all for your comments and support. Keep em’ coming!

    HI Alexia,

    All of the above, but you could also think about a key influencer who might be prepared to plug your site. It’s not the time or the place for influencers to be pushing products right now, and many don’t know what to say or how to bring comfort in a situation like this, so explain to them what you’re doing and why (in the same way that you have to us) and you’ll find someone it resonates with — as a first step, I would look for influencers who have authentically supported mental health causes in the past. Good luck! This is awesome! You are awesome!

    Hi Rachel,

    Thanks so much for your comment! This is a great insight, I will get started on this avenue, too. Really appreciate all the help!

    Hi Alexia – I love your initiative. Totally agree with the comments from others re marketing – influencers, organic social spread, media pick up – all spot on. What I’d add is around your value prop. I’d encourage you to deepen your offering – you’re obviously pretty digi savvy so have a think about two things:
    1. clustering your web pages based on different themes, audiences. That way, if you’re leading with a certain angle marketing wise, you can refer to that page.
    2. playing the role of curator – don’t be afraid to post up amazing content that already exists out there and put your spin on it. the stronger the content, the more time people will spend on your site.
    Go well, will keep an eye on how you go 🙂

    Hi Melissa,

    Thank you very much for the feedback. I will certainly work quickly to cluster my web pages now that I have more clearly defined what content the site will provide. I’ll also transition to curating more content, instead of creating all on my own.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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