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How can I connect with people suffering from severe anxiety during this time, including relationship break ups PTSD and panic attacksI am a therpist who specialises in helping people take back control of their minds and their lives through times of adversity. I normally work face to face in person and all of mt clients come from recommendation. I have been working internationally at this time with clients with great results over zoom.My question is how can I reach more people and help more people during this difficult time to let them know my therapy is just as successful 100% online. I normally attend network meetings but unable to at present. My business was going extremely well before lockdown but now I am really struggling

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  • Kia Ora – as you will know, many of the people who are suffering in these times will reach out to trusted people if they ask for help – we need to collectively find ways for the peeps to find the confidence to ask for that help, to ask for a friendly ear, for a listening ear – I don’t have that answer – I do have the desire to help, to contribute and to enable – what do you think we could do?

    Morning ..
    This is possibly something that you could promote through the social media channels
    talk to the work you, the service you offer and the digital platform that you now operate from
    As you suggest there has understandably been an amplification of anxiety in the community and people are in
    many cases simply struggling to cope. Making your service more visible in the social platforms will one of
    the best ways to make the connections with potentail clients

    Why don’t you sign up as a doctor with Tend? It’s a new telemedicine start up going live soon. https://www.tend.nz/

    Have you called and reconnected with your passed clients? Let them know you’re still available and working online and asked them for referrals? In my experience, people in this group often find it hard to reach for support so it can be their friends and family that will encourage them to reach out to you.

    If you want more local clients, maybe let local therapies know you’re available and qualified (support hen with any over run) and advertise on local community pages.

    Also connect with any specialists and authorities working in high risk areas that may want to refer people for support.



    All the advice above are great recommendations and suggestions.
    Its wonderful that your international zoom meetings are working so well.
    There isn’t really anything I can add, as the above responses are so well covered.
    I wish you well,
    warmest wishes

    We’d be happy to help at MedOnline Online GP service – the online currently running purely online GP service in NZ (since Dec 2019).

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