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How can I generate leads while homeowners are becoming more hesitant about selling due to Covid 19

Question submitted 07/04/20 @ 07:50am
Industry: Property
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    Hi Patrick. I believe that property owners are looking for our help over “leads” at this stage.

    What I would recommend is helping out home owners with some practical tips & tricks. What could they be doing while they are at home to get their property ready for sale? What information can we provide them with to help make decisions – links to the latest announcements from Government on mortgages, subsidies, etc.

    It is a time where property owners are looking to our industry for trust and guidance.

    I believe it’s also a great time to reach out to our communities to help. Real estate is a very community focused business – so what can we do to help? Raise awareness for a good cause? Help raise money for charities/groups who are suffering from reduced revenues?

    Kia kaha.


    Engage with your customers.
    This time is a really reality check.
    What is their existing environment like? How could they make it better? How do they make it the best it can be for themselves but also for future owners.
    Simple tips on painting, landscaping, furniture, furniture placement, all things depending on the resource available that can help with pride, well being and a more enjoyable environment to dwell in.
    I believe people will see how important now their home environment is and the time spent there needs to be enjoyable.

    Hope this thinking helps…

    Paul Clarke BArch (Hons) FNZIA

    Studio2 Architects Limited, Axis Building, Studio 2.7, 1 Cleveland Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1052
    PO Box 37 270, Parnell, Auckland
    P. 09 304 0090 http://www.s2a.co.nz


    Hi Patrick, Whilst it’s important to show empathy and sensitivity to clients or customers in your market. The Kiwi “can-do” attitude is very much alive and kicking and the general sentiment of so many business owners, managers and staff members is they are eager to help do what they can to get our economy back into gear. 4 weeks in a lockdown environment has given many people a chance to think, perhaps too much at times and reconsider what their plans (both business-related and personal plans) post lockdown may look like.

    Offer general information that people can relate to, movie recommendations, home utensils that have multi-function capability, cost-effective meal recipes, energy-saving initiatives, look to boost morale, communicate confidently without giving off the notion of having “commission breath”. You will find you naturally relate to people and opportunities will arise organically this way.

    Good luck!

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