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How can I have the sales up while we are in isolation?

Question submitted 27/03/20 @ 10:59am
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    What we have done is looked at where that opportunities
    to support people exist within the infrastructure that we have.

    If you do this with the purest of intent ( we are a fashion business that had a manufacturing part to us, so while BAU was understandably not seen as essential, we have moved into making face masks at minimal or no cost
    for those most that are vulnerable, after we had a large charity reach out to us to help them.

    The demand has grown massively, given so many are feeling anxious and venerable .

    While our masks won’t stop COVID-19 they will stop hand to mouth transmission when out and about
    reduce anxiety and prevent germ spread if you do get sick and care for another say with flu or a cold.
    So they have a very real application, and will not increase landfill, so are sustainable,
    100% cotton and fully washable )

    So from frocks to masks, that do good in the community, we had fabrics, trims
    and infrastructure locally and internationally that we donated,
    we mobilised others safely and we have been inundated with orders
    We have also managed to engage a local community safely in their construction .

    I live by the saying that “Until the job is worth more than the money, it will never pay more ”

    Look for the opportunities and right now they exist in supporting
    and contributing to the welfare of others and who knows were they will eventually lead
    Keep safe


    In our case we looked at our customers and thought, ‘out of all of the things we want to talk with them about right now, what are the one or two things that they have the time and interest in discussing with us right now.

    As an example we could talk about the benefits of our service and platform, driving transformation in their business or sustainability, however we realize that the customer appetite is only there for:

    1. How we can save them money so they can reallocate that to supporting their business and employees, and MAYBE
    2. How we can help them achieve greater flexibility in their contracts to minimize the impact of extended lock-down or a similar event in future (on this we expect most customers to be focused on NOW, not FUTURE)

    The category and the customer spend will have a bearing on the level of engagement you can expect.

    It is fair to say that customers are working their way through a long list at the moment that includes keeping their business operating, keeping as many employees as possible on the books, dealing with their largest costs premises, plant and equipment etc.

    I don’t know what your business is and I’m not suggesting you be a spectator but I think you will benefit from deeply considering where your service fits in the list of ‘your customers priorities’ and time your approach accordingly as the amount of noise has reached a new level for most and you don’t want to waste what may be your one approach at the wrong time and have placed yourself in the zone of “do I or don’t I follow up”

    When you feel the time is right then you have to nail the customer questions of ‘what’s in it for me?’, ‘why you?’ and ‘why now?’.

    I hope that helps and I wish you all the best in this tough time.



    Hi Jatinda – the million dollar question! Am I correct in you running SeCompAss, a digi security business? If so, nice business. In a world that is going digi fast, I see a lot of opportunity for you. Some thoughts….

    1. Understand that your business model, the way you make your sales might look different from now on. Your ability to rapid pivot in response to what your customers are needing right now will be critical to your future.

    2. Get on the phone with your customers to gain INSIGHT. Try to avoid email if you can. You’re after insight and that comes from having a conversation. Call up as many customers as you can over a few days. Be DISCIPLINED in this. You are after insight so you need to ASK, LISTEN and RECORD what they say. Find out from them where their pain is, what they’re needing / wanting right now, and then in the near future. Ask them directly how you can best help them. WRITE IT ALL DOWN. Once complete, compile their answers and look for similarities and differences. Identify the top needs they have.

    3. Now start thinking strategically. Get out three big pieces of paper.

    a) Look after your current customers (protect and deepen)
    On one sheet of paper, write out the key needs your customers have. Think about how you can best serve them, from TOMORROW. This is all about helping them. Be generous in your thinking and what you can offer. Lead with a servant leadership approach. It’s not only good karma but it will open up possibilities for you.

    b) Create new revenue streams
    On a second sheet write out your assets. Include things like relationships, IP, data, knowledge etc etc. Look at each in turn, with your strategic customer hat on. For each asset, think of ideas to better monetise or leverage. More ideas the better. Don’t judge. Don’t filter.

    c) Broaden your base
    On a third sheet, write down possible extensions to your current service offering and market mix. Thinking back to the needs your customers have, ask yourself:
    – are there other customers or new markets SIMILAR to those of your current customers who would benefit from your current offering?? competitors? same but in different industries? different countries?
    – are there any refinements to your current service offering you could offer to your current customers to deepen the relationship?

    Be generous in both your spirit and your thinking.

    Hope this helps. Go well

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