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How can I help at the ‘front line’ if I am not a nurse, caregiver or connected to supermarkets? I want to be helping businesses or assisting with redeployment

Question submitted 25/03/20 @ 02:36pm
Industry: HR & Talent
  • If you could tell me a little bit more about your background I may be able to direct you to the right place or keep you in mind as I see things come across. I think that need will build in the next few weeks and after Level 4 is done.

    I have the same question – I’ve just spent the last year part-writing a book on transformation. Now we have hit a time when all businesses desperately need it, I want to help businesses adapt … any idea how I can connect to those who need it when they’re all so overwhelmed?

    There are a lot of forums for business leaders and HR professionals already popping up all over. Cultivate HQ has one and I know of other companies that provide services to organizations that may be interested. I think the question would be what is it that you are offering?

    Free copies of your book?

    Free consulting services?

    Let me know and can start connecting you to the right places. I also know places like NZTE, local chambers, and others are looking to help business owners as well.

    Great stuff Simon and Anna. It’s great to see people wanting to help. Agree with JohnO. There are also regional economic development agencies who have teams who manage/connect/operate “registers” of mentors available to small businesses. You could consider trying to register as a mentor for those places e.g Te Waka (https://www.tewaka.nz/page/what-we-offer/). Perhaps you could spend researching how you could register with those types of organisations closer to where you live?

    Would be great for this forum to launch a job posting board for “contingent labor”, helping essential services providers when their employees are absent due to …. ill health, isolating, taking care of kids, etc

    yes, I think thats the problem in some ways – too many forums is almost as bad as none – we need one, or a few, which get big and well supported quickly, to get critical mass and make the ecosystem usable.

    As for how I could help, Large scale service and ecosystem design is actually one of my skills, so thats a possibility and I like it because it solves the heart of the problem, and at scale.

    … I think part of the ‘conenction’ problem is that business owners need a super low-touch way to post ideas in a more ad hoc and less well formed way than theyre used to.. then maybe a ‘first line’ of advisers whose role could be to help shape problems, then the second line is the experts and/or engagement type people who engage properly… I think that’d work really well without slowing them down. Also might need moderators to summarise input from multiple people for business owners, again in a which is aimed at making the support ecosystem lower touch.

    TBH much of this is a long time coming, Ive always thought the NZ ecosystem is way too inefficient and non scalable. This is a golden opporunity to nail that. (If Andrew is reading this, sorry for whinging about it previously, NZ can be so frustrating! But we have some golden opportunities here whilst everyone’s in change mode.

    Wont be offering a book though! Needs several months work yet and that’s too slow. could share key concepts on transformation, will need a few days and I’ve not had that yet. Have my own challenges with 2 kids at the mo, but yes, free consulting as and when – remotely only for me – so location doesnt matter.

    Marc – the labour forum is an excellent idea – I think the govt should sponsor that. Again its been a long time coming in NZ and would improve things permanently by moving us beyond the ‘who you know’ networks which are relied on a little too much. I designed a ‘connecting skills to people’ system for PwCUK a while back, they have (had anyway) some awesome internal tools for this kind ot thing .. maybe they or another big consultancy could provide a while label version? Might be easier than creating it – its a problem with a surprising amount of depth, workflow and the rest that you need to hit at scale in a critical timescale. Hopefully they’d play ball?

    A number of essential services – particularly the District Health Boards – are looking for support right now. I understand they are going to stand up a website very soon to gather interest. I’ll post the link here when I see it’s up and running.

    Here is the link to offer your skills to the DHBs during Covid19.

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