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How can I pivot from Being a contractor to being a leadership coach and consultant I think I need a structure to sell myself and my brand. Still no website or funnel but in process 

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    Leadership coaches and consultants are often engaged through ‘word of mouth’ referrals from others, based on experience or reputation. Going new into the field requires you to get some reputational runs on the board as fast as possible. Consider resetting the focus of your LinkedIn profile and ask former colleagues and contacts if they would write you a reference focusing on the skills you want to pivot towards. Aim to lift your visibility through speaking at events, writing blogs, recording vlogs, get into the media with articles or commentary, creating your own events by interviewing others and posting online etc. You could explore joining aligned professional associations or growing your qualifications – but these may or may not be truly useful to grow your business depending on your field, but may provide a backbone of credibility. If you can afford to do so, consider some pro bono clients to build your referee base. There are lots of people seeking coaches right now, but not all have the funds to pay for help. You should also consider if you want to focus on a particular industry or field. Think what your unique point of difference could be and invite a few people with influence in that area to mentor you while you build your business.

    Very best wishes to you

    Kia ora – I have two suggestions. Firstly, setting up a web presence is pretty straightforward and cheap these days; get on a site that offers templates (like Squarespace), or our partners Swiftly and secure one. Buy a URL of your name and link it up (If you need help with that, let me know). Then get writing and create some pages and areas of the site outlining your services, and I’d suggest a blog or regular newsletter. For clues, research other NZ leadership coaches sites and take a look at what they do; there are a lot of ‘1-person band’ leadership coaches out there.
    This leads me to my second point – personally I think that space is the kind of place where people could collaborate and partner up to help each other. As you are researching the sites of other coaches, think about approaching them to see if they want to work together. I have a friend who is a leadership coach and she and another coach have regular calls to hold each other to account for their business plans, refer work to each other, discuss client issues etc. Strength in numbers.

    Hi there. Along with what others have said, check out Eban Pagan online. He is a highly reputable human who teaches people how to create an online coaching businesses. He has a heap of free stuff as well as pay for programmes. What you want to do is his speciality. All the best.


    Great suggestions shared on this. If it is of any support to you I’d be more than willing to have a chat with you and help in any way I can in your quest to step into coaching.

    Give me a call on 021475630 or email me nick@roudcareers.co.nz

    Kind regards. Nick
    Roud Career Coaching.

    I put the wrong number. Sorry. 021375630…..Nick

    You have some great suggestions here. The only couple of things I would add is this:

    – There are a lot of leadership coaches out there, so do your homework to decide on what your USP is. What is it that you have done in your past that sets you apart? What experience can you highlight that will connect you with people in a meaningful way? You need to be an expert at something that people need right now – what is your ‘take’ on what leadership is about 2020 and beyond, and how can you credibly deliver on that based on your past experiences?

    – You probably need some kind of methodology. If you can easily communicate ‘what people will get’ in some sort of diagram or visual method, it will make it easier for people to choose you. As a consultant myself, my view is that people need to buy ‘outcomes’ – eg what will you do, what will they get. So some form of visual methodology or process that they know what they are getting when they work with you.

    Lastly, think about who is your buyer and who is your customer. So for example – are you targeting companies as the buyer – buying on behalf of their staff (who is your customers)? I would recommend that model if you can, as there is not a large or established market in NZ for people buying coaching themselves. If so, consider getting registered with the NZTE RBP programme as this subsidies your costs / fees. If your customer is the individual, think about their disposal income, and how are you going to price your service? Are you going for a small number of high value customers (different style of coaching) or a large number of small value customers (probably needs smaller, more incremental style of delivery).

    All the best! And good on your for the ambition.

    I did exactly this myself, a few years back. Was a corporate marketer. Had children which opened my eyes hugely – wrote a book and the rest is history. Here’s what I did, in roughly this order:
    – got clear on my point of difference
    – carved out space and committed to continual learning in my area of specialty to establish and maintain authority and relevance
    – established instagram as a stream of inspiration
    – built a website as a hub of deeper content and to capture subscribers to my database
    – produced free content, seeded through above channels
    – pitched myself to ex-colleagues: it’s these people that gave me my start and all my business thereafter has come from referral
    – once I had the clients, added testimonials to my website, and got focused on my LinkedIn profile to share successes/what I do
    – continued to evolve myself and my offerings with training
    – also throughout this time, sought out collaborations & media commentary

    Hope this helps!

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