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How can I reach out to guest experts for my group coaching program? It’s new and we haven’t launched yet so it might be difficult to get them on board. 

Question submitted 18/08/20 @ 06:22am
Industry: Start-ups
  • Hi Amy – there are a few options, when I don’t know people, I work out who I know who knows them and would do an intro for me. If that does not work, then I try to find a way to just contact the people and pitch to them why they will read my email or contact and hopefully be open to me convincing them – if I get turned down, I learn from that and just keep moving until I get a yes. Then when I get a yes, I get momentum and move to the next person and on. Just doing the numbers.

    So, this is for you, one of the best form of external validation points that you have something – because when a potential coach says yes, that suggests they might see you are onto something.

    Do the digits. Ask. Keep doing it.

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