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How can I shift my business online while in isolation?

Question submitted 26/03/20 @ 11:48am
Industry: COVID-19 Funding & Support
  • Do you have something you can sell on-line? If is physical product(s) then unless it is an essential product e.g. food or supply chain stuff it will be hard to sell as you will not be able to ship it until we come out of lock-down. However, if it is a service that can be delivered over the web yes – you sure can – it just might be that you want to drive engagement at this time, deliver value and see how you can build a loyal client base of people. So for me, find something you can deliver, deliver value and then get word of mouth to help you deliver some income form that. Andy

    Once you figure out what you are selling Shopify (https://www.shopify.com/) is a good place to start with building your online store. They are offering a 90 day free trial at the moment to help our during this time. They have a lot of tutorials on how to get set up with things like Facebook and Google advertising. Once you get into it, let us know if you have any specific questions and we can do our best to point you in the right direction.

    If you are selling food, we are a NZ company helping hospitality businesses get online. https://mobi2go.com/fast-tracked-digital-ordering

    Morena. For a fast, easy & zero commission online ordering system, checkout https://onlinerestaurant.co.nz

    These guys are a NZ business that are super committed to helping NZ restaurants and cafes get online. You can be online in less than a day. They help you with everything. Starting at $60+GST per month, there are no commissions unlike other providers like UberEats & Mobi2Go.

    Pick-up. Delivery. Facebook Shop. Order ahead.

    Totally worth checking out.

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