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How can we access the services and funding that should be available via the Regional Business Partner Network?I have asked this in a reply to an earlier piece of advice but I though it might be best as a separate question.  We would love to tap into the options available via the RBPN but we have been registered for some years and despite filling out another Covid related survey via ATEED to get assistance on 29 June – over 5 weeks ago.We’re still waiting for ATEED to come back to us – there is no timeline and they didn’t even respond to our last email to see if the support they can offer is worth waiting for.  Are there other options other than going via ATEED?  We are nearing a key stage for our business so the long wait is a bit stressful.

Question submitted 05/08/20 @ 12:02pm
Industry: COVID-19 Funding & Support
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    Hi there – I will get in touch with A/Teed if you like and see what is happening on the system. There are as you might know, two types of funding available from the Regional Business Partner Network:
    1) funding for access to expertise – which is typically vouchers to go on approved courses and/or to be coached by a business advisor; and
    2) R&D project and services funding – for r&d and innovation projects, which starts off small e.g. for services and over time can increase to co-funding of the R&d costs.

    In addition they have case managers who do assessments.

    Will be in touch and if you want to email me direct – andy.hamilton@manaaki.io I can link you into someone there. Andy


    Hey Usha – I hear you are all sorted with A/Teed – well done and thanks to the team at A/Teed for sorting. Andy

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