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How can we get people more open to Telehealth services for Physiotherapy during the lockdown period

Question submitted 27/03/20 @ 12:57pm
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    Hi Teresa,

    It seems like telehealth has become very quickly normalised by GPs nationwide moving to telehealth consultations as a result of the pandemic. As you know, previously it was very hard to offer as a service with only specialist providers such as iMoko authorised to do it.

    If you are already set up to offer this (and have the facility to process payment/ACC claims etc online) then I think your challenge is less one of changing consumer behaviours/perceptions and more one of getting cost effective reach.

    Since everyone’s sitting at home largely online, a simple DIY way to do this would be via Facebook ads (where through their easy to use platform you can do the creative, targetting and ongoing management). As per many posts throughout this forum, just make sure that your creative message comes across as helpful and understanding (rather than as profiteering).


    Hi Teresa,
    Yes I agree with Ben’s comments about using Facebook, especially community feeds and geo-targeting to reach your target audience cost effectively.
    You need to craft a message promoting the benefits of tele-physiotherapy and/or off-setting the perceived negatives.
    The benefits of helping patients in isolation with convenient continuity of care and social distancing are obvious to most and the medical model has proven this.
    Perhaps offsetting negatives might be more important.
    For example…
    How will you deliver the visual references your patients need to follow? Can you create a video service to do this?
    Are your patients worried about cost of treatment? How can you help them with this?
    Do your patients think they have ‘bigger things to worry about right now’ – how can what you do support them with their wider goals of juggling childcare, working from home etc
    It may be a good idea to test some different messages to see what works.


    Hi Teresa – Great question. Ben and Clare have made good points. The landscape has fundamentally changed so you no longer have to drag people to online telehealth services. Which is good news 🙂

    In terms of which messages best resonate with people, get some INSIGHT first. Find out what are people’s biggest NEEDS right now when self-isolating, from a physical perspective (ask friends and family or existing clients if you’re not sure). Be clear on how can physiotherapy best help address those needs. Know this, and your message becomes clear. Different people will have different needs, so target them differently with different message / medium mix.

    Go well

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