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How can we keep the momentum up and move forward with a successful launch?I’ve invested pretty much all I have into this business pre-COVID. We’re building a unique, online-only electric vehicle dealership with a focus around support and education. However, I know that now the last thing people are thinking about right now is buying/trading a car. We’ve got our scheduled launch in 20 days, with all of our stock arriving from overseas in a fortnight and I’ll be honest – I’m getting really concerned. Can someone give me a hand with this? 

Question submitted 30/04/20 @ 03:19pm
Industry: Start-ups
  • Hi there Switch – exciting that you are part of the movement to electric vehicles. The opportunity is to find those people who are searching for EV’s even in this time – people have a lot of time on their hands (mostly) – can you get some content out on the EV industry and vehicles to attract back to your social pages and website – basically you need to get more leads in and going to where people are is going to work better than trying to build the platform from you out – have you got content you could use? Andy

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