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How do I approach retail stores about selling my products? Is that a smart move?

Question submitted 18/06/20 @ 02:35pm
Industry: Retailing
  • Head on! If you believe in your product, you’re the best person to sell it. I have no idea of your product or market situation, but as in all things, if you want to do something, just start.
    Be prepared for knock backs and look to continually improve your offer. And don’t give up! Good luck.

    Understand who your customer is and who the customer is of the store you want to be in. Find out what the store cares about and how your story and product fits into that. Understand the value of your product compared to any similar products they may be selling. Find out who the buyer or owner is and set up a meeting. Tell them your story and why your product is a fit for their customer, ideally solve a problem for them. Let them know ways you can support them to sell your product such as giving tastings or demos.

    Hope that helps & all the best!

    If you are already selling direct & online, it is definitely a smart move to approach retailers. The wholesale channel is a great way to grow market share, points of distribution & volume for your products.

    As mentioned by Peter & Chloe. The best way to proceed is to identify and approach the right retail partners for your products. Be direct, go to their store, learn about them, talk to their staff, and ask if you can speak to their buyer, then tell your story. Whether a yes or a no, you now have that contact and can build the relationship.

    Pricing is also important. Research the typical margin expectations for similar products. Ensure you have calculated your margins so it is profitable for the retailer & for your business. Remember you are giving away margin in order to gain volume.

    Then go for it. You’ll learn a lot just by putting yourself out there. Go well!

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