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How do I convince customers that cheaper NZ made elastic is better than foreign-made elastic which is more expensive? 

Question submitted 31/10/20 @ 12:19pm
Industry: Brand & Marketing
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      Thanks for reaching out Habipax!

      Would you be able to clarify who is your target market – ie are you a B2B supplier or are you targeting individual consumers? You would then want all the marketing, content, etc crafted in a way that resonates with your target market.

      In relation to your products being better, what makes elastic better? What makes your elastic better? It sounds like there is an educational role to do to inform your customers how good your product is, and why it’s better. I couldn’t find any information on your site about the quality and story behind your products.

      Also, if the market is so conditioned to more expensive = better, have you considered raising your prices? It might be interesting to see what happens. At the moment, your site is very transactional, being very focussed on selling products. As there is not a lot of content around the story of the business, the story of the specific items you sell, it is easy for viewers to make a conclusion it is a price driven business and a “cheaper” brand.

      Your brand should reflect your quality aspect, in all that you do. The imagery, the layout, the language you use. Bring alive your story, the history behind the people, the name, the quality.


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      I totally agree with @leslie-preston, your website which is like your front store is very basic, you are 35 years old company, there must be a lot of stuff to talk about, the product itself, how do you manufacture it, why it is better than others? website content is king, your customers have 10 seconds to decide whether your product is for them or not before they hit the back button and look elsewhere, right now I bet the bounce rate (hitting the back button rate) may be pretty high on your website.

      I checked some competitors of yours, mainly in China, and here is one, make sure to copy and paste and remove the space between the dot and com https://www.amdwebbing. com/

      Their site is very appealing, you can see how they structured it, they start with 6 reasons why you should choose them (very smart start), then they list what they offer with very nice appealing pictures that let you stay on the page longer (which is good for google), they show colors, banners, brands they made …. you have been in business for 35 years, you must have things more than them, why don’t you show them? why not buy products from China and make videos yourself or someone in your company explaining the difference, why yours is better?

      People will pay a higher price for a better product so focusing on your lower prices is not going to help.

      You need to study your competitors, find a weakness they have that your products do not have, and the fact that you offer solutions for your competitor’s weakness.

      I will start with your website, it needs a complete overhaul, you have to show tons of content, put FAQ page, put some news and why is that and why is that, change the pictures to better quality ones, focus on having your website SEO friendly. Your website is the main focus at this stage, make the shopping on a different page, keep the home page about your products, why they are better, what do you do, and so on, then add a shopping link where your customers can buy.

      Work on new videos, post them on youtube, and add them to your site.

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