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How do you generate more bookings to stay afloat during lock downs when your a service business in the events industry ? We physically can’t do much work and our industry relies heavily on physically setting up events … ? 

Question submitted 12/08/20 @ 07:12pm
Industry: Sales
  • Thanks for the question. This is a really challenging one. I am not sure I can answer it properly if you are in the events booking industry as that is not my expertise? Can you give me more information about your business so I can consider how I might answer your question in more depth?
    I am happy to chat with you about how we reinvented our company to a 3D Virtual Campus https://www.influenceecology.com/campus/ and delivered our two conferences there over the last month with great success – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhrILawZ2w4

    We also have a client who owns a major festival and sold out so fast they are looking to pioneer a 3D Virtual Festival on the Virbela Platform we are using. 

    Could look at running 3D Virtual events on the Virbela.com platform we are using?

    Hey there – could you offer ‘event planning as a service’ where you help clients get ready for events when we are back out of lock-down e.g. you do the work they were going to do themselves, especially if they are super busy themselves?

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