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How do you grow a marketing agency after Covid-19?

Question submitted 27/06/20 @ 08:43am
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    Hi Pavan,
    I run an advisory business so I’ll answer from my own experience… Fundamentally nothing has changed… and your advise is as important as ever right now… its just how you hone into the needs of your clients and target new ones that you know will want your services, now or in the future… Pitching yourself, services, and cost, is critically important. And you should know how to do this given it is in your field (work, design, quality, niche (digital, mobile, tv, print, FMCG, animation etc…)
    I personally have a portfolio of existing clients that have increased work due to the quality work delivered and continued client relationships built on genuine care and relevancy. I have reached out to new clients through my relationships and networks. And I have signed up to share my advice freely to many organisations … some of which develop into paid roles now or in the future.
    For me, there is no one avenue to grow. In terms of delivery, I deliver services using a virtual office – a team of great people who contract in, and they are all people I have worked with, or admired, in the past for the quality work they do and how they complement me, my focus areas, and augment the service offering…
    Hope that helps a little…?


    Morena Parvan.
    Nice answer from Jonathan. While I haven’t run an advisory business, I would add a few further thoughts…
    – be really clear on the segment of customers you are targeting and focus in on them with your pitch and materials. It can be tempting when times are tough to go wider and have a bit more of a scatter-gun approach in the hope of picking up more work. But that approach is seldom successful or sustainable. Best to be very clear about how and where you add the most value, and become expert in a niche
    – ask for feedback. If you are pitching for work, or cold calling and not getting the success you want, ask for honest feedback to help guide you. Approach, level of detail, perceived expertise, cost…many factors can influence whether you are successful. Getting feedback from current and potential clients can also help you refine your approach and increase the likelihood of success
    – if there are clients you would really like to work with you can also do some background work and make them a proactive pitch showing your expertise and relevance of your work to them….

    Good luck!


    Hi Parvan,

    I run a marketing agency, we took a big hit during the lockdown (Tourism, hospitality and small business clients). All our clients are in long term contracts, however, it is important to put yourself in the position of the client. What would you want and expect if you were them? If they can’t afford to pay their own staff is it the right thing to hold them to their contracts?

    I think if you treat your customers with genuine empathy and do your very best to support them, in the long run the benefits will far outweigh the short term costs.

    In terms of growing your agency now, I would focus on doing what you are doing for clients. Spend some money on marketing yourself, try to be different and stand out. Focus on building your own brand whist delivering a service you are proud of. The benefits of doing this will compound and help you build a long term sustainable business. Do not be tempted to take short cuts, it may bring in quick revenue but will stymie your future growth.

    Good luck


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