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How do you set sales targets and track kpi’s?ThanksIsaac & Annie

Question submitted 03/07/20 @ 01:20pm
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  • Hi Isaac and Annie – I find that when doing something new, I just use paper and/or a spreadsheet, and try not to complicate it too much, until I understand the patterns and what is normal. Lets try that out:
    – Generating Leads
    – Qualifying Leads
    – Converting Leads
    – Making Sales

    I think of it in these four steps, and in each case I think about ‘what outcomes am I looking for’ and ‘what do I have to do to get the result’ – and then I think about that on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. e.g. to get generate 20 leads a week, I am going to need to make 100 phone calls a week, which is like 15 calls a day.

    Then I just get going, and start measuring the inputs and results, do it a for a few weeks, and then learn from that and update.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Does that help – ? One other thing, I like to review this ‘weekly’ – sure, I record stuff, but weekly I sit down and look at the data and then make tweaks as a result.

    Hi Andrew,

    I like spreadsheets too. I’ve been putting all the tasks into asana but today I came back to this site to look at some of the answers I had gotten back. I started typing some of the work into this input box. I found that a really effective way of getting the ideas out.

    At the moment I’m not doing 15 calls per day, I’m just struggling to follow up with all the jobs we’ve already quoted. I should start my friend had a 10 calls before 10am and that worked for him. I want to develop this process so it’s as easy as the 10 calls. Right now I’m trying to develop about 30 different opportunities for improvement and working on everything at once, writing it down and getting it finished are where I need to improve.

    Great Tips

    Morning Isaac – awesome – that is epic. Andy

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