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How do you suggest I increase my business’ online presence?I have tried to use Facebook, and occasionally they appear to have blocked me, e.g. when I joined the 100% NZ Businesses site, they told me that F was removing people without letting them know, and to try and join again.   I never saw  any confirmation about my joining and I think the lady got overwhelmed by the response to her NZ biz site anyway.  (!)   I don’t really enjoy using F but I have my biz page linked to my own page and every now and again I try and post something there about my products.   Is there somewhere else that is easy to use?   I make natural hemp based skin care at home, no THC, good methods and preservation etc. nursing background so aware of hygiene etc. so nothing risky. Thanks Margy 

Question submitted 15/08/20 @ 01:10pm
Industry: Digital & Online Marketing
  • Kia Ora Margy – Sarah from the NZ Made Products Group has rebranded it Chooice – and set up a new platform alongside the Facebook Group – check it out – http://www.chooice.co.nz if that might be a good option for you!

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