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How to approach content on you

If you wish to approach a piece of content that is going to help you gain recognition and improve your visibility. In case you are someone who has a fan base then it is going to become easier for you to help them know about you. Incase you are thinking about how do I make a Wikipedia page about myself then you are going to require to approach the site through an outline. Which is going to help you follow steps accordingly and craft your content with a solid structure. What do you think is the best approach to a content that is going to help you create a piece of content on yourself?

Question submitted 23/07/20 @ 09:11am
Industry: Brand & Marketing
  • HI Bella I am hope I am understanding your question correctly. IN terms of approaching content around yourself I would follow the same process for any communication;
    – be clear on your target group and why you want to communicate with them. Then flip that around and get clear on what they would be interested in hearing from you
    – Choose that platforms that will deliver and support the kind of information you want to share
    – This will vary wildly from say Linkedin for more professional profile to Tik Tok for fun short video
    – then consider the communication plan, how often and what you will post to create ongoing engagement with your audience

    Good luck!

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