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      Question submitted 04/11/20 @ 09:14am

      How to bring in salaried staff. 

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      • Vicky Taylor

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        Reply submitted 04/11/20 @ 09:14am


        Kia Ora Okareka.
        Brining in salaried staff is a big step – congratulations on the progress you must be making in your business. Bringing in employees is a big step. If you have employed people before then you may have some of the tools….if not then here are a few considerations;
        – you will need to get across the legal requirements of employing some one. This covers areas such as health and safety, compliance, holidays and how you treat them. Organizations such as the EMA can provide some good tools and templates here. For example, a job description, a contract, a health and safety induction, some kind of rule book for how your business runs and expectations, Kiwisaver requirements etc.
        – alternatively you could use an independent contractor who can assist you in setting these systems up. Expect to pay about $250/hr for this work
        – you also need to consider what Key performance Indicators you want to put in place for a team member. What do you want them to do? How will you (and they!) know they have been successful? Ideally you want to make this explicit so you are all clear on what they are going to focus on. Ideally you want this written down so you are all clear!
        – and you! What leadership and management skills will you need to make sure you support and guide your employee to be successful?

        The answers could vary significantly here depending on your business context, and I would be happy to talk through further if it would be useful. Vicky 021 999577

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