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How to explain to potential customers how Online Shoe Repairs will work. Unsure how to get it across.Have tried listing the main stepsSelect and pay for your repairs onlineSend them to us We will contact youOnce repairs are done we will couirer to youand added a video … but still people that I have talked it through with still get a bit confused.Thank you for your time

Question submitted 17/04/20 @ 12:26pm
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  • Hi there happy to see if I can help. Can you post a link of the content so I can view it as a start?

    That’s certainly creative. And a really good way to keep things moving. Perhaps a re-positioning from Online Shoe Repairs which is causing confusion, to something quite catchy and memorable, like Shoe Repairs during xxx, where xxx could be catchy and fun! Shoe Repairs in your bubble. Shoe Repairs in Safety. Let us know how you see it working and we can provide further feedback.

    Sounds pretty straight forward to me. Please send a link to your service platform and I will take a look at its functionality.

    Hosting FAQ’s on your website and social media are always a good way to explain in further detail. Start taking a note of what people are confused about and the questions they are asking and add them to to your FAQ’s.

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    This might help: https://www.myshoehospital.com/how-shoe-repair-works/

    Obviously you’ll need to add in any specifics relating to your business and some assurance around the safety measures you’re taking at this time as well as contactless delivery etc.

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