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How to get some PR for my biz to get the word out to my Kiwi market?I struggle with doing the same thing (marketing) and need some ideas to get to a wider audience…without it costing me a fortune

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  • You could start by telling us all about it here!



    Most journalists have their email addresses at the end of their articles. If you have something newsworth, try and select the right one and email them directly.




    This is not PR but have you posted about your business in this New Zealand made products Facebook group? There are a lot of tourism businesses getting a great response there and it’s free!


    If you provide some more detail about your business type and goals, that will help us provide some more tailored advice.

    Kia Ora – we are all here to assist. So, well done for reaching out. Marketing can certainly be quite overwhelming at first. But with a bit more detail, we can provide more tailored replies. Often, it can be as simple as setting up Facebook and Instagram pages, or building an email distribution list and sending out emails, or marketing through a website.

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    If you want a press release, I have written a couple, one was recently published in a travel trade online mag. But how do I get an editorial into, for example, Stuff.co.nz?

    Venus to orbit New Zealand for a while

    A company which has been offering global trips to women for the past 13 years is currently putting together excursions in New Zealand and has already had its first such trip sell out.Julie Paterson, founder of Venus Adventures, says she was stranded in New Zealand (she usually lives in Egypt to be close to her global destinations) and she has had to do a ‘quick pivot’.‘For now I will be offering the same fun, variety-filled trips for New Zealand women and hopefully soon, Australian women,’ Paterson says. ‘Speaking with my New Zealand clients, some of whom have struggled through isolation on their own, I see a real need for women to get together with their peers and re-group.’
    That prediction has proven to be correct with the first Venus Adventures NZ trip – a weekend trip from 19 to 22 June – being booked out by past clients who had previously taken part in trips to Morocco and other destinations.Julie Paterson is now working on more tours.‘I think there will be a lot of pent up frustration at not being able to socialise, and I think these trips will be important in bringing women together in a space where we can swap ‘iso’ stories, take stock from our peers, bond and have contact with others over a few gins.’ venusadventures@gmail.com

    Good idea!

    Hi Clare

    Yes, I have tried to post there, but because my company name is Venus Adventures – Global Trips for Women, I think they rejected it. I have done a pivot and am currently offering trips for my Kiwi clients in NZ – long weekend getaways for women. Just have 2 destinations so far, with more planned.
    See Press Release above that I wrote. Thanks for your ideas 🙂

    Hi Leslie – its not social media advice I need, I would like more PR – articles in newspapers and mags – how do I get in touch with the right people to get articles published…seems to be hard to get noticed, even when you have a story. My company is Venus Adventures – Global Trips for Women http://www.VenusAdventures.travel.
    I got stuck in NZ (I usually live in Egypt, altho I am a kiwi) so am offering long weekend getaways for ladies in NZ for now. Thanks

    @carokerr Is this something you can assist with?

    Morena, we have two epic PR experts jumping on this ! Andy

    Thanks Andy, I look forward to it!

    Hi, oh I love this idea!!!! I might just have to sign up with my girlfriends! The key elements you need to achieve mainstream media coverage that you’re aiming for, which appeals to the audience you’re wanting to attract are:
    1. Have a compelling product, service or solution that is topical and unique, and ultimately how it will benefit others
    2. Know and understand your audience and who is likely to be interested
    3. Marry those in two to the media channel(s) that will reach them best. Having existing media relationships helps, but isn’t absolutely essential if you have a good story to tell
    4. A news hook that isn’t a sales pitch, but a new, interesting, timely angle
    5. Consider any other third parties that could endorse the story to provide more relevance i.e. in your case a quote from a psychologist talking about the importance of social connection on mental health (again not essential in your case but another option to think about). Or a customer who has booked your first local trip talking about why they wanted to do it.

    It seems you have points 1 – 3 pretty well sorted. So refining your news hook is the key. I would suggest validating the human need and benefit would be interesting i.e. a quick piece of research to ask women what are the things they’ve missed the most about isolation and what social things are high on their list – providing multichoice answers. This can done through quick omnibus research and you just pay for each Qs asked. This will provide you with a new stat to lead with i.e. New research by Kiwi travel company Venus Adventures shows [80 per cent] of women surveyed say hanging out with their girlfriends is the top thing they have missed the most about isolation. Nearly all women surveyed say reconnecting with their friends will be the best way to improve their mental well being. Then you’d go on to say that Venus Adventures is adapting its global travel business for Kiwi women to offer adventures locally and much needed opportunity them to reconnect with their friends, as well as stimulate the local tourism economy.

    That’s just one idea, but you could also use anecdotal feedback that there’s a real need for women to reconnect i.e. by canvassing your social followers and run a snap poll through social. It’s the combo of the fact you’re a Kiwi businesses that is being innovative and adapting your business in a way that benefits your business, team, the local domestic tourism market and your customers by providing an essential human need to connect that’s compelling.

    If you’d like to discuss this more in detail please get in touch at carolyn@anthem.co.nz. I would be happy to put a team member on to writing the release for you and connecting you to journalist who might be interested.

    Good luck!

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