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How To Sell Leather Products in New Zealand

Hi there,

I am planning to sell leather products in New Zealand. I understand that i can sell products through digital platform and i am in the process to build my brand on digital platform. Can anyone advise the way to get into retail shops like Kmart or Warehouse? How to deal with local retail shops?

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Question submitted 25/09/20 @ 04:39pm
Industry: Fashion
  • HI there – typically these stores like Warehouse have a category buyer that manages purchasing. It will also depend on where they do the sourcing from e.g. offshore and/or locally. It is not always that easy to get sourced straight away, so what I would suggest is see if you can find / contact a supplier that is already supplying these organisations and learn from them, how they do it, their margins, their process, their payments. This will I hope help you learn what you need to do to be able to not only get a meeting, but also how you need to build your proposition to have a chance.

    The biggest thing you can do, is get your product into market, start selling, build reputation and get word of mouth going.

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