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I am a Digital Marketing Strategist, specialised in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO (especially Technical SEO)) and Search Engine Marketing (e.g. Google Ads). I do not have a website. How can I reach out to prospective customers who are looking for my services?  Is there any B2B Marketplace that allows me to find and reach out to prospective customers?

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    You could try this marketplace – https://www.unicornfactory.nz/


    You could also register as a service provider on the Regional Business Partners network https://covid19.nzte.govt.nz/page/regional-business-partner-network or join as a sub-contractor to one of the service providers, Andy


    https://thecreativestore.co.nz/ is also a great resource.


    Hi Hiren,

    I also offer those services. Why do you not put up a website? They add credibility and provide long term benefit (plus you kow how to optimise it and advertise through Google Ads!).

    There are lots of platforms you could join (like Upwork). I found in the early days of my business the best way to drum up new customers was to network like crazy (hard for an introvert like me). Every time you win a client try and go above and beyond with the work you do.

    The more you do this the more word spreads about your services and inbound leads start to happen.
    Hope this helps.


    Hi Hiren

    Also check out this great platform of freelancers: https://www.thefreelancevillage.co.nz/

    Also, Richard’s advice is spot-on. A website adds credibility. Being in the web game and me saying that is a bit like being an All Black’s fan and referring the home team but the research shows that a site is important for building trust. https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/76/A-little-bird-tweeted-mehow-a-website-will-boost-your-businesss-word-of-mouth-buzz/

    Unfortunately there are many rogues in the digital marketing game and many SME’s have been burnt by a bad experience so trust is super important.

    Even a one page website as an online business card would help with the trust. We don’t advertise it but we have a one page website plan which is $10+GST a month. If you gain one new client as a result of having a credible landing page and that client only paid you $2,000+GST across their lifetime you’ll have paid for your website for 16.5 years. It’s a simple business case.

    Richard’s advice re networking is also spot on. Due to their being lots of rogues in the game trust is important and personal connections are key. Chamber of Commerce memberships are very cost effective for the connections you can make. Formal networking groups like BNI can seem a little old school but they really work for getting a business going. The challenge will be to find a group that has an opening for a digital marketer as they have exclusive industry seats and the digital marketers don’t tend to leave which is a good sign as to the effectiveness.

    I hope that helps.

    Kind regards



    Thank you everybody for wonderful advice 🙂
    So far I was working full-time with a company, so never thought about developing my own business, creating website, networking, etc. I highly appreciate your advice and looking forward to exploring more.

    – Thanks for sharing the marketplace link unicornfactory.nz and RBP network. I submitted my profile there 🙂

    – Thanks for sharing the creativestore link. I submitted my profile there 🙂

    – Thanks for the valuable advice about networking 🙂

    – thanks for sharing the link and advice 🙂

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