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I am a psychosynthesis counsellor in private practice in Tauranga.  I am currently taking new individual adult clients.  I have a LinkedIn profile and a profile on both of my professional associations’ websites (PANZA and NZAC).  My practice began while I was in training in 2016 and continued through graduation at the end of 2018 to today.  I am currently a provisional member of NZAC.I am sure that there is a need out there for wellbeing support at this time and yet I have not had any new enquiries since the beginning of lockdown.  I am aware that a lot of people will be cash-strapped so am open to fee negotiation.  Without starting up a separate Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account, is there a way that I can market my services to those platforms?  Do you have other suggestions for simple, cost-effective (read ‘cheap’ as I do not make a lot of money?!) marketing?

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    Hi Jeanette, I think you are right – there is a lot of need and that will continue to escalate over the next few months. This is not a sector that I know a lot about but here are some thoughts….

    – this seems like a sector that has a lot of referrals from other therapists who are too busy and not taking on new clients, workplaces, employee support services, and doctors. Consider engaging with that network to see if you can set up some referrals. In the first instance just pick up the phone to some one who you perceive has been successful in a similar offering in your local area, ask them how they got started and if they would be able to share some tips and ideas. Most people are usually happy to help

    – it might be hard for some people to start therapy without meeting in person…it might be their first time in therapy, and it is hard to develop a relationship without first meeting in person. So be patient. You might put out feelers now that take months to come to fruition

    – consider offering the first session free to help get some one get started. It could be a great investment in up front time for you to create an ongoing customer base

    Hope that is helpful – best of luck, Vicky


    Hi Jeanette,
    I’m just going to list running ideas here, I’m sure some of them you have tried, but hopefully something in there that is easy and cheap;
    – is there anything stopping you using your facebook, inst and twitter accounts to advertise your work services. I know we like to keep these separate but means-must. If you feel comfortable, perhaps starting talking bits and pieces about some strategies to build the brand every couple of days to engage. But I would also go out with a ‘voice of experience and desire to help’ – talk about your desire to help those in need and request people to forward to friends and families to widen its reach. Link to your website or email too.
    – Look over Twitter for common hashtags and use these
    – find images on unsplash, use Canva to put together something that looks ok, and even look to video and your own face/voice to video.
    – Could you offer a webinar as a first offer to trial and gain trust
    – Your best hunting ground is often with your own client base – Do you have a database, can you go out to that database? Even phone them up to check in on them, if this is professionally suitable. I know I had a call from my hairdresser today and it was great. But can you ask for referrals, even discounts might seem a bit non professional, but these are changing times.
    – If any of the social posts go well, you can boost them and it doesnt have to be huge dollars, try $50
    – Find your local community board and also editor of local rags, and send them some helpful tips they might publish and outline some think-piece, include a bio on yourself or link to linkedin Don’t forget radio, audio sometimes has more time to convey these messages.
    – But consider who your target audience are, and hone tone, messages, and the vehicles you use around these personas.
    – Could you partner with anyone or thing as a social good service – where they have a database wider than you do? Offer them something in return.


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