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I am a Stylist so most of my work is face to face with my Clients in their homes. I rely on being there on person to see and check their clothing quality and fit – whish of course is not possible under isolation restrictions. How do I keep up the connection with Clients to still have income for my services? Offering free videos and tips is not enough to keep cash flowing. I am trialling a video chat Styling Session this weekend, but unsure how to run this exactly to make a connection with a brand new Client and be able to offer her the best experience for her money within the restrictions. Any advice would be so awesome. This is such a great idea to connect with other business people! Cheers. Shiana @sheshestyledthis 

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  • I think the online experience is the way to go. I read a good article this morning about how AirBnB is switching its business model. Now that no-one is travelling, they have started hosting online calls with experts. You might get some good ideas from the article. https://www.fastcompany.com/90499935/magic-shows-and-drag-queens-a-look-inside-airbnbs-covid-19-strategy


    Hi Shiana,
    I would endorse Matt’s comments about building online, and in parallel plan for a back to the ‘new normal’ phase of business.
    How can you meet with people safely in their own homes? What steps and processes can you put in place to give you and them security in meeting
    How can you position what you offer for the new normal? There will still be weddings and celebrations, and now also a lot of people wanting to launch themselves into new careers and roles that might need a refresh. How can you pitch yourself at that market?

    Do some googling and look at how similar services are evolving in other markets for some more ideas.
    All the best

    Hi there
    I friend of mine is a small business owner of a vintage clothing boutique and has begun offering online styling consultations. Her business is called Painted Bird. Perhaps you could check out what she and others are doing, how they’re doing it, and even reach out to her/others to collaborate on how collectively, you can serve your market in your own niches. At this time, collective ideation and generosity in sharing insights is so important, and most people seem to be more than happy to contribute. Competition is out, community thriving is in!

    Hi Shiana,

    I am a stylist too so I know where you are coming from! This is the perfect time to be community building, and while it might not play the bills now, it will pay off in spades when women are ready to have you in their homes again (which shouldn’t be too far away!) So nurture that community by putting out content they can all relate to, and reply to all of their comments. Instagram live is doing a great job of capturing our customers attention right now, so jump on as often as you can. Another thing to work on is making sure your sales process is really clear for your customer, so that your engaged community knows how to work with you. When I click through from your Instagram bio to your link tree I can’t see anything that says ‘work with me’ or ‘about Sheshe’ so I’m not sure how to give you money! I’d like to see your Insta bio say who you are and what you do also, “I’m Sheshe, an eco conscious stylist, working with you to thrift gorgeous pieces to fill the gaps” or something similar. It’s also a great idea to put your location on your bio so your local ladies can find you (and use a hashtag which does the same). Connecting with other local businesses is another great way to get exposure so think about who you can shout out to on your page. Good luck!

    WOW guys! This has all been so incredibly helpful. Thank you for your input and ideas and ENCOURAGEMENT!

    I have to be straight up and say that I asked this question and then got so busy trying to line things up as well as be a Mum to two kiddos that I’ve only just come back here!

    I trialed two styles of Virtual Styling Sessions – btw I have been loving using Whereby Meetings app – waaaay prettier, user friendly from both ends and brandable on the monthly plans – but the main draw card for me was security – following on from ZOom’s security dramas.

    I’ve had some great Mentoring and advice from some other like minded business peeps outside of this forum too and it really is bringing that “Competition is out, Community is in” thing to the forefront, ay?

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    I launched my free website thanks to Manaaki x Swiftly last week http://www.sheshestyledthis.swiftly.nz – go check it ot! I’d love more feedback if you’re willing to be blunt with me!

    Aroha nui, amazing peeps!




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