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I am collaborating with another company to combine LEGO Serious Play and Emotional FreedomTechnique. These workshops enable people to quickly and effectively unlock how they are feeling and why,  and build resiliency for themselves. We use very easy to learn techniques like tapping.  We have run three successful workshops and want to do more to help people and businesses.what is the best way to market these?

Question submitted 14/08/20 @ 10:28am
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  • Awesome – sounds like pretty fun and interesting. Let me answer in a non-digital and digital way, sort of bush-guidance.

    I would think about your target market, and what you learned from the workshops you ran around the participants that might help you refine who your sweet-spot target is for marketing too. Then once you define this group, then the question is ‘where are they’ and ‘how do you get to them’ with your marketing – it could be email, it could be in person, and it could be by asking the people who have already been on the workshops to make referrals or recommendations for you to talk to some people?

    In a similar way to the beta workshops you ran, for digital marketing it is all about finding your ‘sweet spot target’ profile of your prospects, building up that persona and profile and then going out with your digital marketing to find more people like that. Building your funnels and having different landing pages for you to learn and optimise. I am not too technical on this – albeit it is really about using digital marketing to take you to your target market and then bringing them into the funnel and converting them.

    Wishing you all the best. Andy

    Thank you Andy I’ll be working on these for sure!

    Awesome Mike

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