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I am in the process of setting up a design studio with a focus on augmented reality solutions . I need help with developing business development strategies . 

Question submitted 30/07/20 @ 09:30am
Industry: Business Growth
  • Hi there,
    AR is a great industry to align to. The growth for the segment is around 46% to 2026.
    The challenge with the AR market at the moment is moving businesses into Proof of Concept phase rather than scale out.
    I assume that you have already undertaken research into the innovative solutions that have been developed globally and the industries / segments that they have been aligned too.
    The next step is to align to a customer lead development framework. You cannot spend enough time understanding the state of the market, the appetite of customers and the problems that they are trying to solve with their respective customers.
    I am more than happy to have a discussion about next steps, timelines and prioritisation.

    Morena – a great way to start is to think about ‘who might be interested’ in your solutions, and then go and interview a bunch of them to understand how and what they do right now, to see if they have any problems or pain points that you might be able to solve using augmented reality. Do the interviews, and it should give you some great insights about where you focus, where you don’t focus and where you start which is one of the hardest things to get right.

    I just read this blog this morning, really good advice and tips in it – https://medium.com/swlh/13-insights-from-y-combinator-that-every-founder-needs-to-know-ffc4be002e4c

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