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I am looking for a CRM, database, tasks and projects system that would best suit a non-profit community social services trust. I’ve been looking into Bitrix24 & Penelope but the prices are astronomical (particularly Penelope). It does need to be secure with just a small number of users 4 – 6. We are seeing more need to increase social services in our rural town and with sensitive information – we want to make sure privacy is prioritised. Desperate for some recommendations please!

Question submitted 07/10/20 @ 06:51pm
Industry: Social Enterprise (Community, Not-for-Profit, For Profit)
  • Hi there. I have used Zoho for many years and have had a good experience. My previous two businesses all ran on that. They have a whole suite of applications with their Project app being particularly well regarded internationally. You need to have seperate apps for seperate functions (Projects, CRM, Collab, etc) but are all compatible, including easy integration with Google docs, Microsoft programs, etc. In my experience the “one size fits all” platforms that do everything lack in functionality, I think the Suite approach is better.


    Good recommendation from Jade, for me in the early days, i like to use/do CRM platforms that are free/low-cost because I don’t really know I will use them, so I run for 12 months with something cheap, and then with the experience, I might have more confidence to go with something paid.

    Hi There

    https://infoodle.com/ is a NZ made CRM built specifically for not for profits.

    In our business we’ve found that the one stop solutions still have gaps so we tend to go with a collection of solutions that talk to each other.

    In terms of project management personally I like Basecamp but the team preferred Asana due to the variety of integrations.

    Many software providers will have not for profit rates if you ask. They may not advertise it but many will offer a discount if asked and you’re a legit good cause.

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