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I am very experienced/ mature interior designer specialising in museum exhibition design but have been filling recent abundant spare time making high-end home decor products / 3d artworks.  I am stuck about the branding and marketing and would like to collaborate with a professional to help market and develop the brand – ideally local to Auckland / NorthShore..how can I find and negotiate an appropriate relationship?

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  • Hi. I can give you one option to consider. Give me a call on 021496903. Paul

    Hi Craig,

    There are lots of agancies on the North Shore or central Auckland that can help. Do you also need a website? We run a marketing agency but do not do branding etc. Some of our clients have worked with the following with good results:


    Its worth having a look at their work to see if their design resonates with you. Some offer marketing too, but I believe that they are two different disciplines (I am biased though :-))

    For SEO, Google Ads etc we can help 🙂 :


    For social media:

    http://www.socialites.co.nz (also influencer marketing)

    Speak to a few and see who you connect with. Any questions or further recomendations you can drop me an email: richard@pureseso.co.nz

    Other than Pure SEO I am in now way affiliated with any of teh companies I mentioned.


    Sounds intriguing Craig and an interesting application of your professional skills.

    The good news is there are lots of options of agencies to work with. The challenge is in navigating that process to find the right partner for you. To make that easier its worth going through your own planning process first;
    – what would success look like for you? Are $ sales important, or positive reviews or just knowing your art is enhancing customers lives?
    – do you want to sell direct or via an agent or retailer? Depends if you want to manage the commercial side of the business yourself and have direct contact with customers. That decision will push you in different directions
    – what will the right agency partner be able to help you with? Purely functional delivery against a brief and you’ll take it from there or an ongoing relationship where they guide you and can be a sounding board
    – finally a detailed brief of what you want them to do for you, and measurable outcomes. There are lots of good templates on line and its worth doing some reading first so you are ready to go.

    Oh and the art sounds intriguing…post some pictures to share with Manaaki. Good luck! Vicky

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