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 I am wanting to buy my own truck and continue in the road freight industry instead of making money for others and getting paid pittance for the hours i spend driving, but  i am having difficulty wording my business plan. I know what i want to do and what i have to do to get there just not very articulate with my wording. Where would i go to get help with this

Question submitted 06/08/20 @ 07:55am
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  • Have you tried looking at templates for business plans on Google? That has worked for me in the past, and/or I can send you a template for 5 minute business plan that you can use – that with a cash flow is something that hopefully when people look at, they focus on the ‘content’ and not the ‘form’ of it – my email is @manaaki.io">andy.hamilton@manaaki.io – Andy

    Hi – you could also speak with the guys at Onsend (Johnny 027 703 9903) who are paying drivers well to run their own businesses and helping them do so. Perhaps worth a call even if you don’t go down that alleyway.

    Can I expand on this too , to the original post .

    Without too much more information , I’d be a bit sceptical saying things like ‘I want to buy my own truck , as I’m sick of being paid a pittance’ . No doubt you are a great driver , but do you know much about running a truck , running a business , and marketing ? I don’t mean to be negative , but lets say you are paid $25 an hour , and you work 10 hours a day . On top of the $1250 a week , you get ACC paid , Super paid , maybe medical care , sick pay , holidays , statutory pays . So you are actually getting $35-40 an hour . Presumably every hour you work , including sitting and waiting and getting the truck serviced — all tghe stuff that costs the owner money .

    You buy a truck . Do you have guaranteed work , or is it people saying ‘oh yeah , buy a truck and we’ll give you work’ , or is it more casual ? Is your truck suitable ? An older truck mightn’t be acceptable to some potential clients , but conversely a huge brand new truck may be too big and expensive to run if clients just want lots of small loads delivered .

    You have to buy a truck , maintain a truck , pay for RUC and diesel , and maintanence and tyres and cleaning . Send out invoices and wait a month for payment . Sometimes 2 months , 3 months . Some may go broke or you have to go to court .

    So you love driving , but the phone ringing drives you nuts . Your truck goes bang after 3 months and takes $50k and 3 months to fix . Or you start at 6am and finish at 7pm , but can only charge 6 hours because you are waiting . Meanwhile , the finance company wants their $4000 or $12000 a month , the mechanic wants payment before you can take your truck , and someone hasn’t paid and you’ve no money for RUCs .

    Hopefully , you know all that , but just my opinion , someone who says ‘the boss charges $100 an hour and pays me $25’ I worry how much you do actually know sorry . Either way , all the best .

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