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I assist NZ’ers with access to the 63 District courts in NZ to apply for Limited Licences when their demerit points exceed 100. 9 months existing and 80 licences succeeded through the courts.Looking for any ways to extend my service into other areas within the Law sector that allows me to further disrupt the legal sector and allow access for NZ’ers to self represent in any court in NZ.

Question submitted 03/04/20 @ 07:53pm
Industry: Legal
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    Hey there – cool – in geek terms what you are talking about is a thing called ‘an adjacency’ – what other areas could you offer services beyond limited licenses – your last few words were really interesting because what you are doing is ’empowering’ people to represent themselves in court so they save money and maybe time – this is awesome for them. What other areas could you extend this too – do you have any friendly lawyers who could help you work out the potential areas that you could offer – the more complex and more legal rep required, the harder. I would also try and contact someone in the justice sector who might have a view around the spectrum of complexity and where they think legal rep is not required – so my best guidance – talk to the people who already know or are around what you do to uncover other potential areas you could go – create a list, and then prioritise three to go and do more work and testing on. Andy

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