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I design and make womans clothing, soon to sell online, what’s the best way to sell, promote, advertise my clothing o line in nz  the business consists of only me and my budget is very limited

Question submitted 21/05/20 @ 06:05am
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    Morena – lets break this down
    (1) make the products – you are doing this.
    (2) let your market know you have products – this could include building up images of your products, and then getting them out.

    First thing to do is work out who is your target market, and where are they. Don’t just put up some Insta or Facebook pages without getting clarity on your target customer.

    Second, I would think that imagery is really important, ideally imagery of your products on real people who are your target market as well – can you take photo’s of the clothds? Think about some friends who could help with that – or you could do something like this with Lucy https://grow.sixfiguresecrets.co/photography-support/ but that would require getting your product to her studio.

    Third, once you have clarity of your target market, and you have some good images – then it is all about reaching your target market, and getting your online presence up via the right forums like FB, Instagram and even a website – as you do want to be able to enable trading as well online ideally –

    A couple pages for you – This initiative is to enable a website up and running easily – Swiftly https://www.manaaki.io/1000websites/ – it does not build audience, it just helps you have a trading window. 2nd, learn more about what you can do yourself – look at this series of videos from Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/watch/facebookappNZ/235283657807310/

    My final thing I would say about online – it is a massively cavern the online word – and what works the best is word of mouth, word of mouth from your customers who like your product – the more you can get them to be your voice and share their love of your products, and tell others is the way you often get more customers. Good luck. A


    thank you so much i will read up on fb, as im not doing this well, pics will be taken next week 🙂


    I suggest you to once check on ReeCoupons because I mostly buy my stuff from there, you can see that how beautifully they attract their customers through their outlook, I hope you will get much info from there too. Good Luck

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