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I have 20 years’ experience supplying product from China to the rest of the world (New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and Korea).  My business has been hit very hard by Covid -19. We were quick to pivot to new products and have now secured our second contract to supply PPE to the UK NHS via Amazon Vendor Central.  My business partner and I had sufficient cashflow to fund the first of the orders, however the balance of orders (43 million units in 8 weeks) is much too big for us. Do you know anyone looking to fund PPE out of China? Favourable terms.    We are supplying from an approved manufacturer (Officially approved by China Government to export face masks and quality already accepted by Amazon) for weekly shipments Beijing-London. Orders are confirmed. Payment terms are 15 days FCA Shanghai. End customer understandably very impatient.   We are already talking to banks and factoring companies here and in the UK but that’s been a very slow process. We can’t wait.    What would you advise? 

Question submitted 11/05/20 @ 01:15pm
Industry: Funding & Finance
  • I have a specialist trade company that I’ve put some of my clients through and they have had asuccess with trade finance in similar situations. If you provide me with your email I’ll make an introduction.


    Hi Chris. Thanks for offering to refer us. Please ask them to contact me in the first instance. My address is jo@goodSense.co.nz

    Hi there

    Please give me a call on 0292006756 or email me on harry@vegalend.co.nz – I’ll connect you to someone that may be interested


    Harry Ferreira

    Well done to pivot in these times – opportunities in adversity exist for the willing.

    Check out the NZ Govt’s Export Credit Office that help NZ companies fund export growth…

    Thanks Harry. We’ll be in touch shortly.

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