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I have a couple of books for sale on Amazon, how can I generate sales please.

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    Good afternoon. Sounds intriguing.

    Amazon can be a bit sink or swim…..plenty of opportunity, but lots of competition and a specific ecosystem to navigate. I am not an Amazon expert – hope some one else will post who can offer some guidance in navigating their infrastructure and systems. However there are some tried and true recommendations for books….
    – build reviews. In the first instance you might need to call on some friends and family to buy and review. Reviews that tag similar authors or guide people on why they might like your books are always useful
    – PR. Can you share the book with influential reviewers who might post positively on their blogs? The challenge here is you are competing with hundreds of other writers for cut through
    – is there something that makes your book topical or newsworthy that you could capitalise on?
    – Amazon promotional opportunities are endless, so there is also a question of how much you are happy to invest to drive sales. Amazon should have provided you with a marketing options…start with a small investment adn test the response to see what the ROI looks like

    Good luck!


    Hi Chris – a couple more ideas here, Amazon as a platform is easiest to use when you can target specific buyers, as it can be overwhelming for people to stumble across your book in the sea of everything available as Vicky mentioned. What topic/genre are your books? I would consider who your target readers are, and consider adding keywords in the platform and in your description to help them find it. (ex: science fiction, aliens, philosophy – or – pets, pet care, pet breeding… etc. The more keywords you add, the more likely you will to show up in search.) Also, as Vicky said – reviews are everything, especially on Amazon. Have people you know that have read the book write you a genuine positive review, and have a minimum of 3 to get you started. Follow up directly with people who purchase your book, and ask them to provide a review that is positive if they enjoyed it 🙂 People are usually happy to hear from sellers/authors and provide support. Best of luck!

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