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I have a few questions on contact tracing applications please – who can recommend options for a business to use – I have three examples. (1) Retail / Restaurant (2) Office Space (3) Construction Site – in each use case I am interested in the best applications for ‘simple entry/exit’ and also for ‘complex drop-ins/drop-outs’ when you have lots of people. Interested in those that are contactless such as QR codes or Text based. Finally, how these applications deal with a ‘positive test’ – actually how that will work in practice. I am asking these questions because we are getting quite a few questions off platform around the options and would love to get some guidance on the choices in front of our small business owners. 

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    We are about to start using MyVisitorLog, a NZ contactless tracing service.It uses QR codes to enable check-ins for visitors and staff.


    Talk to Steve Nathan, the CEO.




    Lots of solutions coming to the market at the moment.

    Whether you are looking at Retail, Restaurants, Offices or Construction, the most common outcome is leveraging QR codes and a web interface. Easy to build and fact to replicate.

    We did a blog last week and these are some good take-outs:

    Guiding principles for contact tracing solutions for businesses:

    Speed to market is critical. With exponential growth, the virus does not wait for anyone to create a perfect solution. Developing tools that can quickly be rolled out is key.

    Privacy matters and people should be very clear of data usage, access, and eventual deletion (2 months). Privacy is a serious matter and COVID-19 should not be an excuse to throw it out the window.

    Solutions need to be flexible enough to adapt to changes. Situations are rapidly changing – and so should the tool. There are no clear guidelines or requirements set out by governing bodies. Everyone is still trying to figure things out as situations change over time. The right solution needs to be flexible enough to adapt to these changes.

    The right solution is contactless.

    Solutions must be simple and adoptable. Whatever is being implemented needs to be able to be used on a variety of different devices such that businesses don’t need to engage in overhauling their tech just for this current need.

    Relevant enough to be a sustainable solution. Emergencies happen all the time. They merely vary in magnitude. A tool that best serves the current situation will be one that can cater to a variety of other situations with only small enhancements needed.

    User-friendly. Techies love to overthink applications and what can be done. In this case, the sole purpose is the collection of entry and exit data to be used if someone in the vicinity becomes infected

    And, don’t pay too much as this stuff is not crazy complicated tech…


    Good one Andy.

    At SwipedOn, we’ve been building out iPad based visitor management since 2013. Now in over 5,500 workplaces and a Tauranga based team of +30. Being visitor management, this obviously lends itself well to contact tracing – which we’ve adjusted towards heavily.

    A brief summary below.

    – Our system is best suited for office spaces and also construction industry. Less suited to hospitality / retail (as is build with agreements, host selection, badge printing etc… in mind)
    – This allows for custom questions, visitor screening questions and the ability for a company to reject a visitor if they answer undesirably.
    – You can also sign employees in/out and ask them custom questions upon sign in (feeling sick, temp, who they travelled with, where they are working etc…)
    – The sign in interface is currently an iPad. As of next week, we’re releasing contactless visitor sign in (on their own mobile). Towards end of May, dedicated employee in/out apps too.

    Two week free trial and live chat via our website. Hopefully that helps with some of the offices looking to get back up and running in the week ahead? There are a number of other systems out there or that have popped up in response, so very much horses for courses. Depending on depth of requirement, support and period of implementation.



    SwipedOn CEO


    I had one of my network look at a few options, so thought I would share what he said to me after looking at the options.

    “Thank you for the intros to the contact tracing apps people. We had a quick review over the course of today and have elected to go with IMhere mainly because they have a working solution with workarounds now, not because they were necessarily the best.

    Our Need – 2 “head office” locations and > 50 franchises nationally. Consultants have a lot of meetings outside their offices so the solution needed to cater to the mobile force at multiple locations during a day. The summary of our requirements is below.

    Desired solution (our requirements)
    – Requirement for businesses to record details of contact at their workplaces. Saved in case we need to contact people who have been exposed to COVID-19.
    – Internal people movements (office, client visits, other)
    – External people coming to our offices (clients/other)
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Ability to record employee movements in/out of office, visitors into the office, client meetings at various locations (eg clients sites, cafes)
    • Meets all MoH requirements
    • Records: Full name, Phone number, Email address, Date of entering the business, Time in and out, [Signature]
    • Capture location for off-site visits
    • Hygenic (contact-less)
    • Data secure, easily extractable and shareable with MoH/DHBs, as required
    • Provides Business Owner with information about its staff/contractors, as required
    • Data is securely stored; privacy; destroyed after 2 months
    • Reliable technology and provider
    • Network training Wednesday, Go live Thursday

    We scanned through a number of solutions, including IMhere, Traceable, TeamSafe, guesthub, Hubspot, swipedon. There are a few others, probably about a dozen altogether, most are at a lower tech maturity level (except for Swipedon). Also many are “visitor management” products that had weak mobile force functionality (it was really important to us).

    The main reason IMhere won is because they did not go with the app. Traceable looked like a much better solution but their IOS app is stuck in the Apple queue and we could not launch on Thur. TeamSafe would have probably done a nice configuration but this would have been Friday.”


    We have been helping businesses of all sizes across NZ manage employee time and attendance through contactless (and shared) apps for many years (TimeHub and MyTimesheets), so when COVID hit we took all that knowledge and experience to build MyVisitorLog

    MyVisitorLog is a Contactless Contact Tracing and Visitor Management tool which helps you Know… Who visited, When and Where, in Realtime.

    Visitors or Staff “Check In” via a fast QR code through their Smartphones Browser (or a tablet post COVID)- No Pens, No Paper, No Shared Screens, No Apps, Nothing to Install!

    There is also the ability for someone on your team to “check in” someone if the visitor does not have a smartphone.

    We have Two Versions:
    MyVisitorLog “Lite or Contact Trace Mode” – Ideal where you need to check visitors in for Contact Tracing.

    MyVisitorLog Full – Ideal where you want more detailed Visitor Management with contact tracing, Visitor and Staff Health & Safety, Capture and Communicate Key Information, Instant Notifications, Multi Site, No limit to the number of devices when in tablet or “Reception Mode” and more. It is fully configurable based on what the business need.

    MyVisitorLog allows you to manage Unlimited Visitors and Staff and starts at just $15 per month for the “Lite or Contact Trace Mode”

    Best of all you can be set up and operational in under 10 minutes and the system does not require any training so there are no additional fees.

    You can check it out at myvisitorlog.com or you can chat with me here – drift.me/stevenathan

    Steve Nathan

    TimeHub CEO

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