Question :
I have a few ventures where do I start

Question submitted 06/05/20 @ 07:48am
Industry: Start-ups
  • A bit of an open question – but in principle you need to sit down and rationally assess where to put your resources (time, people, money, etc). It’s time to FOCUS on the things that matter – accept that (maybe) you can’t save them all….

    I’d think about which one(s) you most want with you on the other side – it’s a bit like deciding who and what you put in your lifeboat. Start with the realistic rational reasons why each of them could be worth saving, or even better could be well placed to soar in the new world if it had your undivided attention and all your resources.

    It’s time for hard decisions – and oh boy, are they hard! But I’d encourage you to make your decisions with your eyes firmly on the future, rather than the past.
    Good luck!

    I would go to the online resources that are free around starting your business -and validating your ideas to come up with a prioritisation stack on these – in the end, where the market thinks there is the greatest resonance and pain right now. You want a pain killer, not necessarilty a vitamin pill.

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